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What BMI is good for pregnancy?

What BMI is good for pregnancy?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of women plays a major role when it comes to getting pregnant. Overweight or obesity (BMI > 25) increase the chances of being infertile, and the same applies to women with underweight (BMI < 18).

To boost the chances for these women to become pregnant fast, we strongly recommend to all of them that they lose or gain weight depending on the case. This can be achieved by following a balanced diet, rich in monounsaturated fats and plant-based proteins.

Moreover, reducing carbohydrates and fats as much as possible, whilst increasing the intake of iron-rich foods, along with vitamin supplements, is highly advisable.

Making sports a lifestyle by adopting the habit of regular sports is crucial, too.

By MD, PhD (gynecologist), BSc, MSC, PhD (gynecologist), MD (gynecologist), BSc, MSc (embryologist) and BA, MA (fertility counselor).
Last Update: 01/15/2019
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