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The different stages of menopause

The different stages of menopause

The different stages of menopause are all part of a period known as climacterium. The complete ceasing of reproductive function in woman takes place during this stage, with the subsequent depletion of the ovarian reserve and hormone imbalances. For this reason, it is a transitory period from adulthood to old age that can be split into various stages, each one characterized by the presence of different menopausal symptoms.

On average, menopause occurs at age 50 and it coincides with the last menstrual period in the woman's lifetime. About one year before menopause and approximately one year later, there exists a previous stage called perimenopause. Finally, the stage after menopause is known as postmenopause and it's the longest stage, which extends to up to senility.

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Last Update: 06/04/2018