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Markers for hepatitis B diagnosis

Markers for hepatitis B diagnosis

The symptoms described by the patient may make the specialist suspect a possible diagnosis of hepatitis B. However, confirmation is carried out by analyzing certain serological markers.

To do this, a blood test will be requested from the patient where the following markers will be measured:

HBs Ag
appears in the patient's plasma after 6-8 weeks from infection with the virus.
HBe Ag
appears just after HBs Ag and reports the infectivity index. This marker is present in both chronic and acute infections.
refers to antibodies that fight against viral infection and persist over time if they are IgG-type antibodies. Instead, IgM antibodies disappear over time.

When the specialist is clear about the diagnosis of hepatitis B, he will proceed to indicate the best therapeutic option.

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Last Update: 01/20/2022