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Possible PGD results when analyzing embryos

Possible PGD results when analyzing embryos

Thanks to the preimplantation genetic test (PGT), previously known as preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), it is possible to obtain information about the chromosomal endowment of the embryo and to detect possible genetic alterations. Thus, there are 4 possible results for each embryo when obtaining the PGT report:

  • Healthy embryo.
  • Sick embryo.
  • Mosaic embryo.
  • Non-informative embryo.

Initially, only genetically healthy embryos will be transferred to the maternal uterus. The pregnancy rate per transfer in an IVF cycle with PGT is approximately 52% according to the 2019 statistics of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF).

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Last Update: 05/13/2022