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What is septate uterus?

What is septate uterus?

Septate uterus is a common uterine malformation in the female population caused by an error in the resorption of the septum separating the Müllerian ducts. This uterine anomaly has a prevalence of approximately 55% and is associated with repeated miscarriages.

Although a septate uterus poses a problem in achieving pregnancy, this uterine malformation can be corrected by hysteroscopy. Moreover, this gynecologic surgery offers a high guarantee of success and, therefore, would increase the pregnancy rate and decrease the miscarriage rate in women.

Normally, most women with a septate uterus do not describe symptoms, i.e. they are usually asymptomatic. However, dysmenorrhea, unilateral fallopian tube obstruction and endometriosis may occasionally occur.