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What is a spermatocele?

What is a spermatocele?

Spermatocele is a benign cyst that appears in the epididymis and is filled with milky, clear fluid containing spermatozoa. Normally, these sperm are not alive. There is no clear cause of spermatocele, but it could be due to the obstruction of one of the vas deferens responsible for transporting semen.

Generally, this cyst is not painful or cancerous, although if it begins to cause discomfort in the male, it should be removed. In addition, spermatocele does not usually affect male fertility. However, like any other surgical procedure, there is a small risk of damaging the epididymis or vas deferens, affecting male fertility.

On the other hand, a male may suspect a spermatocele when symptoms such as discomfort, heaviness and/or swelling appear in the affected testicle. In this situation, it is advisable to visit the doctor for an evaluation and to rule out other possible diseases.