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Symptoms of Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy

Symptoms of Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy

Steinert's disease or type 1 myotonic dystrophy is a multisystem disease that affects the muscles, but other parts of the body and organs such as the eyes, heart, endocrine system, etc. can also be affected.

Among the symptoms and manifestations that Steinert's disease may have are:

  • Myotonia.
  • Cataracts before the age of 50.
  • Arrhythmias and alterations in cardiac conduction.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Fatigue and breathing problems.

It is important to mention that the symptoms of type 1 myotonic dystrophy can begin in adulthood, but the disease can also present in the juvenile, childhood or congenital period.

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Last Update: 01/24/2022