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When is AI recommended?
By Dr. Gustavo Daniel Carti. Last Update: 06/03/2020

Artificial insemination (AI) is a low-complexity assisted reproduction technique that consists of placing the partner's or donor's sperm into the woman's uterus. The most frequent indications are sterility without apparent cause and cases of male factor with slight alterations.

Is a natural pregnancy possible with low ejaculate volume?
By Dr. Gustavo Daniel Carti. Last Update: 06/03/2020

The decrease in ejaculate volume is called hypospermia and this happens when the volume of seminal fluid is below 1.5 ml. Among the most frequent causes of hypospermia is the age of the male, prostate surgery, inflammatory processes of the pelvis, and the male reproductive system.

Sometimes hypospermia is accompanied by a decrease in the concentration of sperm (oligozoospermia), which significantly reduces the chances of achieving a natural pregnancy and will require assisted reproduction treatments.

Does epididymitis cause erectile dysfunction?
By Dr. Gustavo Daniel Carti. Last Update: 06/03/2020

The epididymis is a tubular structure in charge of transporting sperm from the testicle to the seminal vesicle. Acute or chronic inflammation of the testicle is called epididymitis.

The most frequent causes of this condition are infectious, and the symptoms are recognized by testicular pain, increased scrotal size, urethral discharge, and even fever. Erectile dysfunctions in cases of epididymitis are secondary to the above-mentioned symptoms.

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