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Is Turner syndrome hereditary?
By Silvia Fernández Fernández. Last Update: 06/11/2020

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder characterized by the total or partial loss of one of the sex chromosomes in the female gender. Therefore, the karyotype of these women will be 45.X0 instead of the normal karyotype which is 46.XX. It is not known whether the cause may be due to meiotic problems (formation of the oocytes in the mother) or mitotic problems (division of the cells in the embryo).

This is why women with Turner syndrome are more likely to have children with Turner syndrome or other genetic disorders, because the segregation of their chromosomes occurs in an unbalanced way.

Why does teratozoospermia cause fertility problems?
By Silvia Fernández Fernández. Last Update: 06/11/2020

Teratozoozpermia is an alteration that affects the male semen in which the vast majority of spermatozoa have an abnormal morphology. The bad morphology of the sperm may be due to defects in their head, middle piece, or tail. These abnormalities prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg. This is why it is one of the most common causes of male infertility.