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Recommendations for absolute rest in pregnancy

Recommendations for absolute rest in pregnancy

If the pregnant woman must do absolute rest during pregnancy, she can take into account some useful recommendations such as the following:

  • Make postural changes. It is important to change your posture in bed frequently to avoid skin damage and irritation. In addition, the pregnant woman can consult with the specialist about certain light exercises that she can do to avoid muscle atrophy and the appearance of blood clots.
  • Control the diet. By restricting activity, the pregnant woman may gain excessive weight. In addition, fiber and water intake will be important to prevent constipation.
  • Keep busy. The period of rest can be very hard psychologically for the woman, so it will be better to keep her busy and entertained.
  • Finally, the support and help of family and friends is essential, since the woman cannot perform the tasks she did before.

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Last Update: 04/21/2022