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ICSI Breakage Types

ICSI Breakage Types

At the time of intracytoplasmic sperm injection, there are 4 types of breakage depending on how the microinjection pipette is introduced into the egg. Here are them:

  • Breakage using pressure without vibration: the plasma membrane breaks without making pressure or forming the cone. It is associated with poor quality eggs.
  • Breakage using pressure A1: a cone is formed by the pressure applied until the plasma membrane breaks.
  • Breakage using aspiration A2: if there has not been a breakage by pressure once inside the egg, cytoplasm is aspirated slightly until a jump indicates that the membrane has ruptured.
  • Breakage using aspiration A3: is the same as above, but rupture occurs when cytoplasm is aspirated beyond the zona pellucida.
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Last Update: 02/27/2019