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Primary and secondary causes of amenorrhea

Primary and secondary causes of amenorrhea

Lack of menstruation or amenorrhea is a disorder in a woman's menstrual cycle that can be caused by various factors. Depending on the cause of amenorrhea, we distinguish between two types:

  • Primary amenorrhea: absence of period despite normal development in the patient. Such cases become noticeable by the absence of a woman's first menstrual period and can be due to hereditary diseases such as Kallmann syndrome, Turner syndrome, etc.
  • Secondary amenorrhea: in certain situations a woman may not have menstruation due to hormonal imbalance. Pregnancy or breastfeeding may be some of the situations in which amenorrhea occurs in women. Stress, PCO syndrome or other factors also contribute to this.
By BSc, MSc (embryologist), (embryologist), (gynecologist) and (invitra staff).
Last Update: 09/01/2020
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