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What Causes Necrospermia? – Symptoms & Treatment

Emilio Gómez Sánchez

 Emilio Gómez Sánchez
BSc, PhD
Senior Embryologist
License: 14075-MU

Educational background

  • Postgraduate Course from the Medical Research Council of Edinburgh, UK
  • PhD in Biology from the University of Valencia
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the University of Seville

Professional experience

  • Director of assisted reproduction lab at Tahe Fertilidad (2007-present)
  • Associate Professor of the Celular Biology and Histology Department at the Medicine Faculty of the University of Murcia (2007-present)
  • Associate Professor of the Physiology Department at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Murcia (2006-August 2007)
  • Director of Assisted Reproduction Lab of IVI-MURCIA (1996-2007)

Honors and awards

  • Senior Embryologist (ESHRE)
  • Specialist in Assisted Human Reproduction and Clinical Embryology (ASEBIR)


  • First Award from the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) In Memorian JA Portuondo (1991)
  • 3rd Best Original Article published on the Journal of Andrology, Andrology American Society (1996)

Scientific community involvement

  • Several publications in national and international journals, as well as chapters in books specialized in human reproduction.
  • Multiple presentations in national and international conferences
  • Founder member of ASEBIR.
  • Professor of various master's degrees about human assisted reproduction

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Last Update: 08/01/2018
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