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Changes in the cervix during the menstrual cycle

Changes in the cervix during the menstrual cycle

During both the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, the cervix undergoes some anatomical and physiological changes. These changes refer to the position, consistency and dilatation of the cervix.

Normally, at the time of ovulation, the cervix is higher than on other days of the menstrual cycle. Its texture is also softer and its orifice is more open to allow sperm to pass through during ejaculation. In contrast, when a woman is not in her fertile days, the cervix is lower, harder and more closed.

During menstruation, the cervix is also soft and open to allow blood to flow out.

By the time a woman becomes pregnant, the cervix may undergo other changes. For example, cyanosis due to vascularisation, widening due to hyperplasia of the endocervical cells, etc.

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Last Update: 08/31/2023