Donor-egg IVF cost in Denmark

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Last Update: 06/20/2016

Egg donation is a reproductive option when undergoing in vitro fertilization, in accordance with the Danish Law on medically assisted reproduction. It involves performing an IVF with the eggs donated by a woman other than the intended mother.

Till the amendment that took place in 2012, the Law allowed only for anonymous egg donation, but after the modification, relatives or close friends from the intended parents can also help them achieve pregnancy.

The basic types of donation that every Danish egg donation program may offer are:

  • Anonymous or non-anonymous egg donation
  • Altruistic egg donation
  • Egg donation with the compulsory use of the intended father's sperms

The latter premise excludes single women and lesbian couples from accessing this technique, although they can undergo other treatments as long as their own oocytes are used. The reason behind this is because Danish regulations forbid double-donor IVF, and this group of women has no alternative but to turn to this fertility treatment due to the absence of a male partner.

As for the second aspect listed above, even though egg donors cannot sell their eggs or receive money for handing their oocytes over, the Danish legal framework addresses remuneration in the form of an economic compensation for the significant inconvenience, time off work, and travel expenses derived from the donation process. Such compensation is not too low, being this the reason why not many Danish egg donors can be found.

This makes the overall cost of egg donation not too expensive, although it should be borne in mind that everything linked to the donor (screening, surgery, medications, etc.) will be at the intended parents' expense.

IVF with donor eggs

The cost estimate for donor-egg IVF in Denmark ranges from €5,000 to €6,000 in general terms.

The fact that intended parents are fully aware of which aspects are included within the general cost estimate for the treatment and which don't is crucial. More often than not, medications administered to the donor for ovulation induction are not included, and they may add a considerable high cost to the overall price of the treatment.

In general, the cost of stimulation of ovarian function medications ranges from €1,300-2,000. The exact amount to pay will depend on the type of medications administered, the right dosage, and other factors involved.

Also, there are times when the financial compensation to the egg donor is included in the overall cost of the process, as well as ultrasound scanning, egg retrieval by follicular puncture, and embryo transfer to the prospective mother.

If it is a known donor, which is to say, if the intended parents are the ones who select the donor (friend, relative, acquaintance), the cost of the treatment will be slightly lower.

In either case, these are just general costs, subject to each fertility center, the type of donor, the cause behind infertility, additional screening tests carried out, and other factors involved.

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