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I want to know about the father and recipient before I agree to give eggs

I want to know about the father and recipient before I agree to give eggs

  1. maybeeggdonor

    The recipients of course want to know a lot about the donors. This may include detailed information about how they look, their profession, their ancestry, IQ scores, etc.

    Maybe this could be considered a bit weird, but I want to be an egg donor for a selfish reason aside from money. I like the idea of passing on my genes, but I’d rather not have a kid until my late 30s or 40s because of other things I want to do involving school and my career. I know there’s a risk of infertility if I wait that long, so I may adopt or just not have a kid if I’m infertile at that point. Since I want to wait that long, egg donation could be -the- only way that I pass on my genes. This makes me almost as interested in the characteristics of the father as they are interested in my characteristics. I like the thought of the kid being smart, looking similar to me, etc. even if I don’t ever talk to them. So I would like to see a picture of the recipient family and know things about them, especially the father. I’d like to know what the parents are like as people. Profession, religious or not, conservative or liberal, etc. Maybe meet them. I think it would be cool to know who the kid is, maybe be Facebook friends or something, but it’s not necessary. I would be willing to travel and like the idea, but I want to be able to choose which countries I’m willing to go to instead of the egg donation service just sending me wherever. Are there any egg donation sites like this that let the donor have a lot of options and information?

    09/16/2017 at 5:44 am
  2. Dear maybeeggdonor,

    It depends on the country where you are going to become an egg donor. So, where are you from? For example, if you are going to donate in the US, then yes, you can become a known egg donor and get to know your recipients. But that is not always like that in other countries, especially across Europe.

    I hope this helps,

    Best wishes

    09/18/2017 at 8:36 am