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Free IVF in exchange for donating eggs

Free IVF in exchange for donating eggs

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">jane pattinson-williams</span>
    jane pattinson-williams

    Hello, I’m from Manchester, UK and I am a healthy girl, my physical characteristics are totally common. Although I’m 37, I’m super fertile, as you can see when looking at my two boys. The problem is I did a tubal ligation 7 years ago because I thought I had a stable family life, but finally all these were broken dreams and everything fall to pieces… Now I’ve married another man and we are so happy that wish to create a new life together… I’ve read that if you donate your eggs and then do an IVF cycle you can get an attractive % off for doing so, and I’m considering resorting to this choice, what do you think? I want to get as many info as possible. Bye!

    11/14/2015 at 5:55 pm
  2. Hello,

    In the case of tubal ligation, you have also the option of doing a tubal ligation reversal or an IVF cycle. In case you are interested in the former option, here I give you some links that may be of interest:

    1. Forum: Pregnant after tubal ligation
    2. Post: Tubal ligation and pregnancy

    In the latter case, you’ll have to undergo controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) to trigger egg production. Once a large amount of eggs is produced, they will be retrieved through follicular puncture and they will be later fertilized in the laboratory with your current partner’ sperm or donor sperm if needed. Out of all the embryos obtained, those presenting optimal morphology will be transferred into your uterus.

    As for donating your eggs, I am afraid you won’t be accepted as a donor, since according to UK’s HFEA (Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority), egg donors should be aged 35 or younger. You can check the list of frequently asked questions for donors gathered within their webpage to solve further doubts that may arise: FAQs for egg donors.

    Hope this helps 😉

    11/16/2015 at 6:16 pm