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Luveris 75 IU in solution for injection

Luveris 75 IU in solution for injection

Luveris is a drug used in assisted reproduction techniques such as artificial insemination (AI), conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF) or ICSI. Luveris has two small vials, one with the active drug and the other with the solvent for the final injection.

The active ingredient of this drug is lutropin alpha (recombinant LH). This hormone is very similar to human LH, although it has been manufactured in the laboratory using genetic engineering techniques.

Finally, Luveris can be presented in three different formats:

  • Package with 1 vial of lyophilized and 1 vial of solvent.
  • Packaging with 3 vials of lyophilized and 3 vials of solvent.
  • Packaging with 10 vials of lyophilized and 10 vials of solvent.
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Last Update: 07/22/2020