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Structure and parts of a sperm cell

Structure and parts of a sperm cell

This labelled diagram shows the structure of a sperm cell in detail, which has the following parts:

With its spheric shape, it consists of a large nucleus, which at the same time contains an acrosome. The nucleus contains the genetic information and 23 chromosomes. It also secretes a hyaluronidase enzyme that destroys the hyaluronic acid of the egg cell to enter into it.
It contains centrioles (proximal centriole and distal centriole).
It is a highly important part of a sperm cells because it gives energy to the sperm, thereby allowing it to swim once inside the female reproductive system. It contains spirally arranged mitochondria (see the part colored in orange).
The end part of the sperm, which contains the axial filaments. It helps the sperm to swim in the female genital tract. In fact, it is the part that allows sperm to swim fast enough.
By (gynecologist), (embryologist) and (biochemist).
Last Update: 08/03/2022