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Kruger vs. WHO criteria for sperm analysis

Kruger vs. WHO criteria for sperm analysis

Teratozoospermia is analyzed in the seminogram by counting spermatozoa with poor morphology. Depending on the criteria used to give a result, there will be a greater or lesser probability of suffering from teratospermia. Below, we show the two options that exist when determining whether teratospermia exists:

  • World Health Organization criteria: if the percentage of normal sperm is less than 4%.
  • Kruger's strict criteria: a percentage of less than 15% of normal spermatozoa is found.

According to these data, it is possible for a man to be diagnosed with teratospermia if the Kruger criteria are taken into account and, on the other hand, to have no fertility problems if the WHO criteria are followed, which are less strict.

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Last Update: 09/30/2022