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Donated leftover embryos from IVF

Donated leftover embryos from IVF

Embryo donation to other couples is one of the possible destinations for embryos left over from an IVF treatment. With this option, one couple helps another to achieve the common dream: pregnancy.

Embryo adoption is a simple and less expensive assisted reproduction treatment compared to other reproductive techniques. The only thing necessary is to prepare the endometrium of the recipient woman so that it is receptive to the embryo transfer and facilitate the implantation of the embryo.

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By BSc, MSc (embryologist), MD, MSc (gynecologist), (medical director at fertty international), MD, FACOG, FACS, FACE (reproductive endocrinologist), (embryologist), MD, PhD (gynecologist) and (invitra staff).
Last Update: 05/08/2020
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