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Natural pregnancy with endometriosis

Natural pregnancy with endometriosis

Natural pregnancy is possible in women with endometriosis, although these patients may find it more difficult to achieve pregnancy.

On the other hand, the specialist may consider it appropriate to perform prior surgery to remove possible adhesions or endometriotic cysts. However, this intervention may involve the removal of healthy ovarian tissue, which would affect the ovarian reserve. Therefore, this surgical approach is only performed when it is considered necessary.

Another possible option is to perform directed intercourse, in which the gynaecologist monitors the woman's menstrual cycle and ovulation in order to schedule sexual intercourse.

By MD, PhD, MSc (gynecologist), MD, MSc (gynecologist), MD, FACOG, FACS, FACE (reproductive endocrinologist), BSc, MSc (embryologist) and (invitra staff).
Last Update: 06/15/2021
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