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Tubal permeability by hysterosalpingography

Tubal permeability by hysterosalpingography

Hysterosalpingography is a diagnostic test to check for permeability in the Fallopian tubes. The following methods are available:

Standard hysterosalpingography
a contrast dye is inserted through the cervix and ultrasound images will be taken as the uterine cavity and Fallopian tubes are filled. If there is any obstruction, the contrast fluid introduced would not be able to fill the tube and, therefore, the tube would not appear on the x-ray.
the basis is the same as in the previous case, but here a foaming gel is used to fill the tubes and the images are taken by ultrasound. For all these reasons, hysterosalpingosonography is a more comfortable, easier and safer test for women.

The tubes need to be permeable to allow the sperm to come into contact with the egg. Any obstruction of the tube will lead to tubal factor infertility.

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Last Update: 04/10/2019