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Other reasons for female infertility

Other reasons for female infertility

Although hormonal alterations, problems in the uterus, fallopian tube anomalies, and cervical factors are usually the most common causes of female sterility, there are other reasons in both men and women that can make it difficult to achieve the desired pregnancy. Among them are those shown in the image:

Infertility of unknown origin
fertility tests are correct, but gestation is not achieved.
Immunological infertility
due to the presence of antispermatozoid antibodies or antiphospholipid syndrome.
Vaginal alterations
, as in the case of vaginismus, that is, when the woman presents narrowness in the vaginal opening preventing penetration.
Genetic alterations
often cause miscarriages.

Depending on the exact cause of infertility, the specialist will indicate a personalized fertility treatment to increase the chance of achieving pregnancy.

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Last Update: 12/30/2021