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Can you donate eggs if you have endometriosis?

Can you donate eggs if you have endometriosis?

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Tiki</span>

    hello ladies, I’m 24 and want to donate my eggs but the problem is I have stage 2 endometriosis… I learnt to live with it with just taking painkillers for the pain, which appears occasionally… I’m a normal, fertile woman after all… Do u think clinics would accept me?

    02/10/2018 at 5:13 pm
  2. Dear Tiki,

    I’m afraid to tell you that most clinics won’t accept you due to endometriosis. Firstly, because it affects egg quality, and egg donors are expected to have an excellent egg quality. The same applies for potential surrogates.

    Also, endometriosis is a hereditary disease in most cases, which means that you might pass the disease to the children of your recipient(s). So, for these reasons, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s unlikely that you are able to donate your eggs with endometriosis, even if it’s a mild/moderate stage.

    I’m sorry.

    Best wishes

    02/12/2018 at 12:48 pm