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In vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs is an alternative to standard IVF in which the eggs used come from a donor instead of the patient herself. The estimated cost of donor-egg IVF is higher because it involves the presence of a third party: the egg donor.

Influencing factors

Egg donation fees and egg donor compensation rates may vary greatly from country to country, and also depend on the regulations governing medically assisted reproduction abroad. The need for sperm donation, surrogacy or any other technique may increase the overall cost as well.

Also, the cost of receiving egg donation depends on the fertility clinic, its location, and the particularities of each case. The rise in price if compared to conventional IVF cycles is mainly related to the egg donor: medications, screening, financial compensation, etc.

Price of egg donation across Europe

The cost of donor-egg IVF in the European continent is similar across the most common destination countries: Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and Denmark. There are some differences in the egg donation process between these countries that cause the total cost to be different, though.

In Spain, the price ranges from €4,500 to 9,000 depending on factors such as the fertility center, the Spanish region where it is located, and the conditions of each particular case. Medications are not usually included in the total cost, so around €1,000 more should be added. Compensation to egg donors varies between €800 and €1,000.

Partner to partner egg donation or reciprocal IVF is a fertility treatment aimed to lesbian couples. In Spain, where it is known as "ROPA method", the average price for this procedure is €4,800.

Contrary to what happens in Spain, the egg donation fees in Russia include the medications and economic compensation to the donor. Nevertheless, Russian clinics allow known egg donation, so in this case the payment to donors could be subtracted. If donor sperm is required, €200-500 must be added to the price.

If you choose Ukraine as your destination country for egg cell donation, the average cost is €5,500 approximately. Still, this price may vary not only from clinic to clinic, but also depending on factors such as:

The costs in Greece, Cyprus and Denmark are rather similar, ranging from 4,500 to 6,000 euros. Nonetheless, in countries such as Cyprus, hiring the services of an egg donor agency may increase the cost up to €9,000-10,000. As for Greece, most fertility clinics include all expenses related to the egg donor within the price (screening, compensation fees...).

Low cost egg donor programs can be found in the Czech Republic, considered the cheapest country when it comes to undergoing egg donation in Europe. However, many fertility clinics offer pregnancy guarantee programs, in which case the approximate cost would be €4,600-7,000.

Egg donation price in the USA

There are 456 fertility clinics across the United States of America, with an average success rate for IVF with donor eggs of 40-50%. Given that each US state has a different set of regulations on medically assisted reproduction, some programs may include certain aspects that others don’t, hence the large price differences.

On average, the cost of an egg donation program in the USA ranges from $30,000 to $60,000, without including either the medications for the recipient (from $500) or for the donor (from $2,000).

The following is a list with the most popular US states for fertility patients with the average cost of each one:

  • California: from $10,700
  • Virginia: from $13,800
  • New York: from $10,200
  • Texas: from $15,400
  • New Jersey: from $14,600
  • Utah: from $14,600
  • Illinois: from $18,000

It should be taken into account that clinics may not include the fees derived from the financial compensation to the egg donor, the agency fees, the cost of IVF laboratory equipment, medical treatment of the donor, costs for legal counsel, medical insurance... All this may add $34,000 to the above listed costs.

As for the egg donation compensation rates, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends $5,000 or less, and sums above this figure require justification. However, some IVF clinics offer as much as $8,000, a rate which increases when the woman becomes a repetitive egg donor.

Also, if egg donation and surrogacy, are required, the overall price in the USA is around $100,000-140,000, including surrogate fees, egg donor compensation, agency and legal fees, screening, gestational carrier related legal feels, expenses derived from the finalization of parental rights, gestational carrier compensation, agency fees, etc.

Egg cell donation in South Africa

The regulation of egg donation in South Africa follows the guidelines established by the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG). Section No. 1 on “Advertising for egg donation” forbids the use of statements describing egg donation as a "financial gain”.

The average cost of donor-egg IVF in South Africa ranges from €5,300 to 4,500, with an average of €5,300 approximately. Egg donation agencies can charge an administrative fee for matching a donor with a couple.

As for the monetary compensation of egg donors, it should reflect the time, financial costs to the donor, inconveniences causes, risks associated with egg donation, etc. According to the Society, it should be around 5,000-6,000 rand (ZAR), that is equivalent to €300-400.

FAQs from users

How much does IVF with egg donation cost?

By Rebeca Reus BSc, MSc (embryologist).

The cost of egg donation depends widely on the country where the patient undergoes treatment.

While in European countries such as Spain, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Portugal, or Greece it ranges from €3,800 to €5,500 approximately, in others such as Ukraine and Russia, it can be as high as €8,500-€11,000. In the UK, however, IVF with egg donation costs about £9,500.

As for the USA, it is the most expensive destination, but at the same time the one that offers the possibility of choosing between a known, a semi-known, or an anonymous donor, which is an advantage for many egg donor recipients. On average, the price there reaches $20,000-$40,000.

Other popular egg donation destinations around the world are Barbados and South Africa, where the price range is €4,500-5,900.

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