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The conventional IVF procedure

The conventional IVF procedure

One of the steps of IVF is the fertilization of the oocytes with the sperm. This stage can be carried out in two ways:

Conventional IVF
Eggs and sperm are put in contact so that fertilization occurs on its own. The spermatozoa are expected to be able to find the egg and penetrate it themselves, without the intervention of the embryologist.
It is the embryologist who introduces the best previously selected sperm inside the egg. Therefore, in this case, it is not necessary for the seminal sample to have good sperm motility or large quantities of sperm, since it will only be necessary to have the same number of sperm as the number of ovules that are going to be fertilized.

The choice of one fertilization method or another will depend on the characteristics of each patient, the quality of the seminal sample, etc.

Once fertilization has been carried out, the embryos generated are kept in culture under optimal conditions until the moment of transfer to the uterus.

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Last Update: 09/06/2022