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Normal sperm sample and semen sample with azoospermia

Normal sperm sample and semen sample with azoospermia

Azoospermia is a cause of male sperm factor infertility, since there is no sperm in the ejaculate. The origin of this seminal alteration may derive from problems in the male reproductive system or from alterations in the sperm formation process.

Men with azoospermia will have to resort to assisted reproduction techniques to achieve a gestation, since natural pregnancy is not possible. One option would be to perform a testicular biopsy to extract sperm directly from the testicle and then fertilize the eggs in the laboratory. On other occasions, it is necessary to resort to reproductive techniques with donor sperm.

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By (gynecologist), BSc, MSc (embryologist) and (invitra staff).
Last Update: 07/27/2020
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