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Patients who are candidates for the preservation of the ovarian cortex

Patients who are candidates for the preservation of the ovarian cortex

The ovarian cortex of every woman contains the primordial follicles from the moment of our birth. These follicles are the ones that during the reproductive cycle of the woman in her adulthood will be able to become optimal follicles to contain mature eggs.

The technique of cryopreservation of the ovarian cortex aims to freeze the primordial follicles in order to reintroduce them into the patient's body and restore fertility. This technique is offered to the following women:

  • Girls who have not entered puberty: These girls are not yet fertile and do not have hormonal cycles that stimulate their ovaries and promote the proliferation of antral follicles (large follicles with mature eggs).
  • Women with hormone-dependent cancer: certain types of cancer can make the patient's situation worse or more serious in the presence of hormones. Therefore, in patients with this type of cancer, ovarian stimulation is not recommended.
  • Women who need to start their oncological treatment immediately: those patients who do not have enough time to prepare a cycle of hormonal stimulation to extract a sufficient number of eggs to preserve their fertility may resort to the removal and freezing of the ovarian cortex as a means of preserving their fertility.
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Last Update: 04/15/2020