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What symptoms does infertility cause in men?

What symptoms does infertility cause in men?

Numerous studies focusing on male fertility have shown that men with constant anxiety had reduced fertility. The symptomatology was reflected in:

  • Altered spermatogenesis: those men with high levels of stress had a lower number of spermatozoa, as well as decreased mobility and morphology. It is postulated that this decrease in sperm quality is due to the fact that the high levels of cortisol interfere with the varus hormones, affecting testosterone. Ultimately, this drop in testosterone levels produced an alteration in the sperm production process.
  • Reduction in the volume of the ejaculate: a smaller volume in the ejaculate has been detected in those patients who are in a situation of chronic stress.
  • Decreased libido: those patients exposed to psychological stress have decreased libido.
  • Erectile dysfunction: it has also been found that patients with anxiety have problems maintaining their erections.

The hormonal component generates a decrease in sperm quality, while the psychological components make the patient unwilling to have a sexual relationship. All this makes the quality and frequency of intercourse decrease, and therefore decreases the chances of achieving pregnancy.

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Last Update: 01/25/2022