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Remedies for perimenopause

Remedies for perimenopause

The pre-menopausal stage, known as perimenopause, is a time of adaptation and many changes for women, who must accept that their reproductive stage is coming to an end and that this entails a series of uncomfortable symptoms and negative effects on their health.

For this reason, it is very important that women take care of their health, start paying attention to their diet, practice some sport of moderate intensity, etc.

A natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms of perimenopause are infusions of herbs such as ginseng, passion flower, wild yam, soy isoflavones, Valerian root, dong quai or black cohosh, as they have beneficial properties and/or natural phytoestrogens.

By (gynecologist), BSc (embryologist), BSc, MSc (embryologist), BSc, MSc (embryologist) and (invitra staff).
Last Update: 06/29/2020
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