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What is the implementation window?

What is the implementation window?

The window of implantation is the period of time when the endometrium is ready to receive the embryo. This time interval usually corresponds to days 19-21 of the menstrual cycle if the woman has regular cycles.

However, the window of implantation may be temporarily displaced. This would imply embryo implantation failure, even if the embryos are of good quality, as they would not be transferred at the right time when the endometrium is receptive.

Currently, there are endometrial receptivity tests that indicate whether the endometrium is receptive or not and, if it is not, when it is the right time to carry out the embryo transfer. In this way, a personalised transfer is carried out, which would increase the chances of success of the assisted reproduction treatment.

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Last Update: 05/12/2021
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