hCG Levels After a Miscarriage or a Medical Abortion

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Last Update: 03/30/2016

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone linked to pregnancy and it is responsible for ensuring that the corpus luteum—i.e. what is left in the ovary after ovulation—keeps on producing progesterone once conception has been achieved.

hCG originates in the syncytiotrophoblast, that is, the outermost layer of the embryo.

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Normal beta-hCG levels

The chorion, one of the outer membranes that cover the human embryo and assists in placental formation, starts producing hCG after the embryo implants in the uterus, which usually occurs within 8 to 10 days after conception. For this reason, the detection of hCG in the woman’s organism is an indicator that embryo implantation has taken place.

The time it takes for beta hCG to duplicate during pregnancy allows measuring the speed at which placental development will take place. Slow growth speed may be an indicator that there is some sort of problem or that the woman is at risk of miscarrying.

Generally, hCG values keep on doubling every 48-72 hours. This means that if your beta-hCG level is of 150 mUI/ml on Monday, it should rise to around 300 mUI/ml between Wednesday and Thursday.

Often, when the rate of increase in hCG levels between the first and second test is slow, a third and sometimes even a fourth hCG test is usually performed at two-day intervals with the purpose of analyzing how the levels are increasing.

The fact that there is no sign of hCG increase after the third and fourth test usually translates into a bad prognosis. It might be the sign of a failed or dysfunctional implantation that could likely lead to a miscarriage.

Getting back to normal after a miscarriage

A miscarriage is an involuntary loss of pregnancy. It usually occurs within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. A woman may miscarry due to various reasons, such as chromosomal abnormalities that prevent the embryo from properly implanting in the uterus. It takes several weeks for hCG levels to get back to normal.

hCG levels at the moment of miscarriage may vary depending on how many weeks pregnant the woman was when she miscarried.

For instance, hCG levels at week six—i.e. two weeks after the first missed period—range from 1.080 mUI/ml to 56.500 mUI/ml. When hCG levels are not the ideal ones or the rate of increase is not as expected, something might be happening.

If levels do not decrease after a miscarriage, it means the hCG-producing tissue is still present in the body. The woman’s menstrual cycle will not come back until her body stops producing hCG. This may complicate things, as the woman won’t be able to get pregnant until things return to normal again.

The menstrual cycle should be back to normal within 4 to 6 weeks after miscarriage. The higher the levels of hCG are, the longer it will take for them to get back to their initial levels.

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  1. Featured

    I had an abortion two weeks ago. I don’t have any symptoms of pregnancy. I even went for an ultrasound which showed nothing about the baby. My worry is that I’m having lower back pains, so what could be causing this?

    • Hello zee,

      If you went for an ultrasound and everything was okay, I don’t think the lower back pains you’re feeling are related to it or a new pregnancy. Maybe it is due to other reasons (e.g. stress, tiredness, etc.).

      Best wishes

      • Rita Piceno

        Hi, I had a miscarriage about a week ago and my beta level was at 180. I’m bleeding now like bright, red and have no pain, is this normal? Could this mean that my body is cleaning out what was left from the pregnancy?

        • Hello Rita,

          Yes, keep in mind that miscarrying affects your hormonal levels too, and now your body has to adjust to its normal levels again. It takes some time for your body to recover from it, including beta-hCG levels, which might be high for still a few weeks, but come back to zero eventually.

          I hope this helps,


          • Rikku

            Hi, i had my medical abortion on 14 of this month but hpt test is still showing positive after 2 weeks.

          • Hi Rikki,

            It is still within what’s considered normal. Your hCG levels will return to zero over time, so be patient. It takes some time for the body to recover after an abortion.

          • loida

            What is the different between hcg and beta hcg?

          • Hello loida,

            There is no difference between them – they refer to the same hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Read more here: hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin).

            I hope I’ve been able to help,


          • Adriana

            I took a pregnancy test on Monday came out positive went to my doctor came out positive and it’ll give you me prenatal vitamins. And on Wednesday I started to bleed a little heavy I went to my doctor told me to go to the emergency I went to the emergency they told me they couldn’t see anything that my HCG levels was a 6 so there is no possibility of a pregnancy maybe an early miscarriage but I’m taking pregnancy test still and they’re still coming out positive how could that be if my HCG levels was a 6

          • Lexi

            Hi I miscarried on August 9th 2017. I was 12 weeks but the baby had stopped growing at 10 weeks. Fast forward 5 weeks I was still getting positive pregnancy tests. I got lab drawn last Friday and my hcg levels were an 8, and then again this Monday and my levels were still a 6. I believe I ovulated three to four days ago. Today I am still getting positive first response tests. Could I be pregnant with a new baby and it’s causing the positive tests? Or is this STILL just left over hormone from my previous pregnancy? I just wouldn’t think that if my hcg level was a 6 almost a week ago I shouldn’t still be getting positive tests.

    • Julia

      Hi, I had a miscarriage in December and had abortion and my period came back on Jan 27, 2016. My period was very heavy and really big blood clots and contractions. So I went back to my gyn and told me my hCG level is 600 and he took another hCG blood work and told me to come back Thursday. Any idea what’s going on? Please, help.

  2. Featured

    Thanks a lot, because yesterday I went again for the ultra sound of which they said the scan shows no pregnancy and the doctor put in the fingers inside my vagina, she said the cervix is closed I have no blood so she doesn’t see any pregnancy. So now I’m confused does the cervix remain closed for a non-pregnant woman? Because I read something on the internet about the cervix of a pregnant woman remain closed.

    • Hello again zee,

      the fact that your cervix remains closed despite not being pregnant could translate into a problem, as it could block the passage of the sperm toward the egg. Ask your gynecologist, she is the best person to treat you.

      Best wishes

      • Annie

        My daughter took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. She is approximately two weeks. They checked her HCG level and it was at 58. 2 days later it dropped to 54 and she doesn’t have any pains. She did have a very pale pink water on the toilet paper when she wiped herself with no real bleeding. If she is having a miscarriage, when can she expect it to start? Please, help.

        • Avatar de Andrea Abbad

          Dear Annie,
          The beta-hCG level is supposed to duplicate every 48-72 hours. When it does not evolve as expected it usually means that the pregnancy is not progressing properly. In your daughter’s case, it seems that the embryo development inside of the uterus has stopped or, at least, is not happening at the expected rate.

          The pale pink spotting is not a sign of miscarriage itself, it is really common during the first weeks of pregnancy. But, taking into account the beta-hCG levels, it might be a sign that in a few days a more serious bleeding may occur.

          The recommendation is to repeat the beta-hCG test to see its evolution. If the level has decreased again the miscarriage will be confirmed. It can also be confirmed by echography, in case it is possible to see a sac in the endometrium.

          If is confirmed that the embryonic arrest has occurred, there are different case scenarios. First, if she has been taking progesterone she will stop its administration and probably the miscarriage will happen by itself. If she is not taking progesterone, the doctor will decide if it is better to wait several days to allow the body to go through the miscarriage itself or if it is advisable to take some drugs to speed up the process.

          In any case, the situation should be monitored and evaluated by a doctor, who will make the most appropriate decisions based on the results.

          Best wishes.

  3. Featured

    Hi, I had a medical termination (a week ago today I had part 2 ) at 6 weeks. The doctor told me to do some tests up to 3 weeks after and you will them gradually go fainter till it was there no more. Today I’ve done a digital blue so I could see it drop from 3+ weeks to maybe 2-3 or ever 1-2, but I’m still getting 3+ and also the lines on all the tests are just as dark as the ones when pregnant. How is it possible?

    • Dear AMY,

      hCG levels after miscarrying depend on how many weeks pregnant you were when you had the miscarriage. This means that, the more advanced your pregnancy were, the longer it will take for hCG levels to get back to normal. Besides, there is no need for it to be at 0 to ovulate again. As a matter of fact, menopausal women can even have an hCG level that may reach 5 or less.

      The best way to know whether your current hCG level is due to leftover tissue from the miscarriage or not is by getting a series of quantitative hCG blood tests done between 2 or 3 weeks apart; if they show your hCG levels are increasing, then you are likely to be pregnant again.

      I hope I have clarified your concerns

    • Charlotte

      Hi, I know this was last year but how long did it take for your levels to drop? Done a digital this morning 3 weeks post abortion and it says 3+? So confused! Surely the hormone should have decreased considerably by now!!

    • c

      I had a medical termination on April 3. I have been bleeding for a very long time and it stopped finally. I had my periods back on August 4 and today is Sep 18 and I’m still not getting my period. I have this feeling or I must say fear that I might be pregnant. I try to listen to my heartbeat and I hear it from my tummy. Even though the sound of nerves pumping the blood is the same sound. And I haven’t had sex. I can’t do go to hospital as I live with very strict parents too.

      • Dear c,

        If you haven’t had sex since your last period on August 4, there is no reason to be concerned. Keep in mind that a woman’s body is not like a ‘machine’ and even if you have regular menstrual cycles, it can vary from time to time due to stress or hormonal alterations, among other factors. It’s been only 1 day missing, so my advice is that you relax and do not become obsessed. If it does not shop up in 5-7 days, then visit your gynecologist to see what can be causing it. If you haven’t had sex, it cannot be a pregnancy. However, if you had sex, you should take a pregnancy test to rule out this possibility.

        I hope this helps,


  4. Featured

    Hi, I have done abortion last 4 days ago, and my flight abroad is on Feb 18. My worry is my agency is requiring me to have pregnancy test in the office? How will I know that I am not pregnant anymore? Still my test is positive. Can I lower down my hCG? Please do help. I’m 3 weeks pregnant from the last conception.

    • Hello Jenny,

      I don’t quite understand what you question is… What do you mean by “my agency”? Do you mean the firm you work at? Or your fertility clinic?


  5. Featured

    The firm that I will be working at. Pregnant women is not acceptable because I will be working in Saudi Arabia.

    • Hello again Jenny,

      I’m afraid there is no drug or medication that could help you diminish your hCG levels. Your body will diminish them eventually in a natural way. Usually, the hCG hormone remains in the woman’s body for 2-3 weeks or even 45 days until it completely disappears from the organism. This is because your organism needs some time to metabolize and remove it, a process that may vary from woman to woman.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  6. Featured

    Hello, I had an abortion at 7 weeks in the beginning of January and received the Depo-Provera shot 2 weeks later. I took a pregnancy test on the 18th of February and it was positive and don’t know if that’s because I’m pregnant again or my levels are still high.

    • Hello Tanesha,

      It is still too early, your body has not had the time to ovulate yet, let alone to get pregnant and give you a positive result after a pregnancy test if you had an abortion last month. The most probably is that you still have high hCG levels due to your past pregnancy. It takes a few weeks for a woman’s body to diminish its hCG levels to zero.


      • Louise hall

        A woman’s hCG level does not need to be at zero for the body to ovulate. I had a 12 week scan on 1st July and was told I had a missed miscarriage. The fetus stopped developing at 8 weeks and there was no heartbeat. I had medical management almost 4 weeks ago and was told to take a test 3 weeks after which i did and it came back positive. I called my doctor to ask for a hCG blood test and he said there was no point as a positive test means a positive. He thinks I may have conceived again already but need to test again in a week.

  7. Featured

    Hi, can you help me understand what is happening to my body? I had a surgical abortion on Feb 8. This was not wanted by me, I had been cheated on and did not think he would come back. He did and I had unprotected sex with him 2 weeks later (Feb 20-21). I then had 3 days of bleeding Feb 29, March 1 and 2. I thought it was my period (3 weeks post abortion)… Today it is now 4 weeks after my abortion and I started feeling pregnancy symptoms (itchy breasts and exhaustion). These were my signs when I had my daughter and for the recent termination), so I took a test… Positive.

    So either the bleeding was my period or was implantation bleeding? When you get your period after an abortion doesn’t it mean that there is no more hCG in your body?… So this is a new pregnancy? I surely hope so. I am ready to either have a baby with him or alone. I wish I never terminated the other one… The dates match up for it to be a new one if you can get pregnant within 2 weeks of an abortion and the bleeding was implantation 8-10 days after conception… Took the test 6 days after potential implantation bleeding. Or it was my period and I’m still testing positive from remaining hormone levels?

    • Dear Chrissy,

      The most probable is that it is your period after abortion. Keep in mind that, after a surgical abortion, your body has to remove the endometrium and leftover tissue from the previous pregnancy in order to get your body ready for next pregnancies. You can have your period bleeding while there is still hCG in your body from the previous pregnancy. Each woman needs a different period of time to stabilize their hormone levels until they shrink to zero again.

      Anyhow, if you do not want to get pregnant, my advice is that you use some kind of contraception when engaging into sexual intercourse. There are plenty of family planning methods that may adapt to your particular needs. The following may be of interest: Family planning methods.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  8. Featured

    I had a medical abortion 3 weeks ago. I had my check up a week ago and they said that everything looked good and that it had passed. Me and my husband had sex, I told him I didn’t want to without a condom but he said “you’re still bleeding, you won’t get pregnant, I’ll pull out” and he did the pull-out method. I told him I really didn’t want to get pregnant again and I tested last night and had a very strong positive I don’t know if that is still from the medical abortion 3 weeks ago because I still am lightly bleeding. It just worries me because it was a very strong positive when we had sex two nights ago we did use a condom but I’m very worried about having that strong positive test today which is exactly 3 weeks from the medical abortion which when they checked they said it was successful, but my body still was going to be recovering for 4 to 6 weeks. What is the likelihood that it is positive from the abortion or that I might be pregnant all over again in that short of a time frame? I’m really scared and I hope there’s someone out there that is knowledgeable. My OB/GYN refused to give me a beta blood test to see if my levels were going down instead of up because I got the procedure done somewhere else. I explained that they had been my OB/GYN for 12 years and that they had tested my blood for both of my pregnancies that I have live births with and that I’m worried that this is a new pregnancy and wanted to get tested. They told me to go to my primary care physician, which makes no sense because this isn’t a primary care concern, this is an OB/GYN concern. Any advice or knowledge would really be appreciated. I was six weeks when I had the medical abortion AKA the pill.

    • Hello,

      It is because your hCG levels are still high; don’t worry because they’ll keep on decreasing eventually.

  9. Featured

    Hi doctor, I was 6 weeks pregnant and took medical abortion pills. I had bleeding for 5 days and passed a tissue type. Don’t know if it was the embryo or tissue. I am not having further bleeding and can’t go for ultrasound. Can I do a urine test at home? I am afraid whether I can still be pregnant or not, maybe not because bleeding occurred completely and for 5 days. When should I take the urine test? And does it look like abortion is complete?

    • Hello Manjugupta,

      hCG levels may remain high still for a few weeks. I don’t think you are still pregnant, so in case you take or have taken a test and the result was positive, it is because it will take some time for your body to diminish its hCG levels. Be patient, it’ll come back to normal soon!


      • Mo

        Hi, I went to the hospital’s emergency department and they did some tests and said hcg was 3500. Had ultrasound 2 days ago when hcg was 3209 and after 2 hours I had tissue like a thing. I was bleeding, so I went to emergency department and they said it’s tissue, that is, a miscarriage. However, a day after I went fo hcg tests and they reported it increased.
        I don’t know what this is. It all started on Wednesday with my first hcg test and today is Sunday
        Please help

        • Avatar de Andrea Abbad

          Dear Mo,
          The doctors diagnosed the miscarriage based not only on the bleeding but also taking into account de evolution of the beta-hCG levels. This hormone is supposed to double its level every 48/72 hours. This means that, since the second measurement (3500), was 2 days after the first one (3209) it should have been around 6400. Since the beta-hCG level had not evolved as expected they diagnosed that the pregnancy was not progressing properly. The bleeding corroborates this diagnosis.

          Even though you are suffering a miscarriage it is possible for the beta-hCG to increase its level. But if the level is not the double every 48/72 hours, it is a sign that the pregnancy is not progressing. Beta-hCG might be increasing a little bit because there are still residues of the embryo that are secreting this hormone.

          I hope I have been able to help.
          Best wishes.

  10. Featured

    I am wondering if a blood test after an attempted menstrual extraction can tell us if it is successful sooner than a urine test? What levels would indicate that the abortion worked?

    • Hello Sara-Michelle,

      Yes, a blood test will show you a quantitative value, whereas urine tests just show “positive” or “negative”. If you take a blood test, you’ll be able to see whether your hCG levels have dropped or not.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  11. Featured

    Hi Doctor,

    I had a medical abortion on March 2nd and went for follow -ups after 12 days where the doctor gave me one more dose due to leftover of pregnancy tissue. And then after 10 days I went for ultrasound and the doctor said everything is clear and that I will get my periods in April 1st week. I have to get periods on April 2nd but not I have crossed 3 days and I am worried as I didn’t get my periods yet.

    On March 14th I had 2nd dose and had bleeding again. So will I get my periods on April 2nd or April 14th, since I took my 1st dose on March 2nd and the 2nd dose on March 14th?

    Please, reply.

    • Hello Anusha,

      hCG levels take some time to diminish after a medical abortion and it depends on each woman’s body. Do not worry if you experience some menstrual alterations now, since it is a normal side effect after abortion. You’ll get to normal eventually.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  12. Featured

    Hello! Just would like to know an answer to my question: I am on my 4th week of gestation. When I had my medical abortion, after 4 days the embryo was expelled. My question is, how long will it take for my hCG to go back to normal non-pregnant level?

    • Hello Raciram,

      Well, it depends on each woman and the functioning of her body. For some it may take a week, while for others it may take 15 days or longer. If you had a medical abortion, you’re not pregnant. It will take some time for your body to come back to its normal non-hCG levels, just be patient.

      I hope this helps,

      Best regards

  13. Featured

    I had protected sex on 24 May. Today on 23 June, I went for my blood test which comes <5 hCG levels. Am I pregnant?

    • Hello esha,

      If the result was <5, then you are not pregnant. Don't worry.


      • esha

        Thank you love… Maybe I am getting overprotected about myself ?

  14. Featured

    Hi, I took misoprostol on 9th of Aug. I bled throughout the night till morning, then it stopped. Do u think I am still pregnant because I didn’t bleed for more than two days?? On 14th of August I did a urine test and it showed positive. Am I still pregnant???? I really need your help.

    • Hema

      Please tell me what happened next. Because I am now in same situation.

      • Devi

        I am 7 weeks pregnant. Doctor suggested me that there is no heartbeat and prescribed me mefegest kit. After taking that kit bleeding started but in a very low form for 5days. In that one day I passed 2 small clots. Now it is completely stopped. My abortion is done or not done? Please tell me. My urine test is still positive.

        • Hello Devi,

          It takes some time for a woman’s body to recover from abortion, so it’s completely normal that a urine test still gives you back a positive result. Your beta-hCG levels will return to zero eventually. Just let it recover from it.


  15. Featured

    Hi Doctor,

    I had a surgical termination last Thursday 25/8/16. The doctors said I had a HGC reading of 644. I took a blood test the next day and results said HGC was 444. The doctor told me they want another test this week as even though the HGC is dropping. The Dr said he was concerned. I may have an ectopic pregnancy as it had not dropped that much. I am now worried as I have been having cramps and pains which I was told was normal after a termination. Can you help me understand? If the HGC levels are lowering, why the dr would say this??

    • Hello Haych,

      In principle, there is no reason why it should be an ectopic pregnancy. However, my advice is that you follow your doctor’s instructions. Anyways, it’s of material importance to continue to monitor the development of your hCG levels, whether they continue to drop till 0.00.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  16. Featured

    Hi, I had an abortion 3 weeks ago and I am so worried now because I still have the metallic taste in my mouth, as if i was still pregnant… I did take a pregnancy test last night and thankfully it was negative 🙂 LOL, I knew it would be… but overall I wanted to know if the taste will go away eventually, and is it maybe because???????? My hCG levels are still in effect (high). Please help me with this if u have any info… Thank you so much!!!!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Having a distortion of the sense of taste, including a metallic taste, is medically known as “dysgeusia” or “parageusia”. This symptom will disappear eventually while your hormones are reestablishing their normal levels. Anyway, it is not a severe symptom, so do not worry, as it will disappear in a few days. The body does not process it automatically.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  17. Featured

    Hello. I have terrible nausea. I will have medical abortion soon. Will I stop feeling sick after the first abortion pill?

    • Dear elly,

      It depends on each woman. While sickness stops after a few days in some women, it might continue even after taking the pill in others. Do not worry, it will stop eventually.


  18. Featured
    Namirembe Fatuma

    Hey, I had a medical abortion when I was 5 weeks pregnant. I bleed for only 9 days and it’s been 4 weeks, 2 days now ever since, but I haven’t got my period and I’m not pregnant. Is it okay to start contraceptive pills so that it fastens my period?

    • Dear Namirembe,

      It is better for you not to start taking contraceptive pills without medical prescription. My advice is that you wait until your period starts. An abortion pill can alter a woman’s hormonal levels, so it is normal to have an irregular period right after having taken an abortion pill. I recommend you to wait or ask your doctor for further instructions.

      Best wishes

  19. Featured

    I had an surgical abortion April 28th and had sex a week after and I’ve been having unprotected sex ever since. I got a 3-day period on June 9th that ended on the 12th. I had sex right after that as well and I now have symptoms like nausea, headaches and sore breast. Could I be pregnant again or is it to soon?

    • Hello Tiffany,

      If you have had unprotected sex, there are always chances that you are pregnant again. My advice is that you take a pregnancy test if your next period does not show up when expected. By the way, if you are not planning to become pregnant, there are plenty of birth control methods you can feel comfortable with and enjoy sex without the fear of getting an unwanted pregnancy. Take a look at the following guide to learn more about them: Contraception: What are the most common birth control methods?

      I hope that helps,


  20. Featured

    Hi, I had an abortion pill on june 13, bleeding was not that heavy but I felt the pain and cramping. when I go to the cr there’s a blood coming out and a small blood clot. I have been bleeding for just 3 days and spotting until july 6, but on july 6 in the evening I feel cramping more than like menstruation and I felt that there’s something passing out so I went to the cr and it was a clot like liver and the size was like a thumb, and I bled for 1 week like a period, and then I also passed out a blood clot then after that no more bleeding… I used a pregnancy test but the result was positive.. was the abortion complete? I am so worried about my health. Can u tell me what is all about this? I am still pregnant?

    • Hello ann,

      The abortion pill is a very powerful medicine that alters your body’s normal hormonal levels, so these symptoms are normal after taking it. It will still take some time for your body to recover its normal levels after the abortion. It’s very unlikely that it didn’t work, it’s just your body recovering its normal levels again. As for b-hCG levels, it’s normal that they are elevated still, so it’s only logical that you still get a positive result after taking a pregnancy test. They will return back to zero eventually, though.

      I hope this helps,


  21. Featured

    Hi doctor. I took a medical abortion last June 16 and bled after an hour. After 3 days I had very bad cramps and I went to the bathroom and saw a big clot. And the cramp diminished. It’s been a month now and I’m still bleeding but not so heavily. It is just normal or do I have to go seek medical care? I underwent transvaginal ultrasound and the doctor said it is empty but she said there is some tissue. Should I take another abortion pill to empty my uterus? Thank you

    • Hello Mylene,

      No, you don’t have to take another abortion pill. Your body will expel the remaining tissue eventually. Keep in mind that it takes some time for your organism to recover from such a powerful medicine, so be patient.


      • Rose

        Hi doc, just wanna ask, because i was worried. Right now my situation, last july 24 i went for mva abortion till then after 5days shows positive so my private doctor did a second procedure and she took a lot remaining inside. She said that it may be twins. Now what i want to is… now already 5days ago from second procedure, why i still fell I’m pregnant?
        Still my breast sore, i fell nausea and all my body aching. Thank u hope u can tell me n reply me fast.

  22. Featured

    Hi, had a d and c done on the 11th of july. I miscarried twins and after about a week or so i was spotting a lil from it. Had sex and guy cummed n me… is it possible i could get pregnant? i took a test today and came out positive can it be my hcg levels r still high from my miscarriage with twins. idk im freaking out im jus hoping its jus my hcg levels bn high

    • Dear Sabrina,

      Your hCG levels might be high due to your previous miscarriage, as it takes some time for the body to recover and get back its hCG levels to zero. However, if does not mean you cannot get pregnant again if there is unprotected intercourse. So, my advice is that you use a birth control method if you do not want to get an undesired pregnancy. Here’s a complete guide to all the methods available today: Contraceptives.

      I hope this helps,


  23. Featured

    Hi there,

    I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago when I was 6 weeks pregnant and afterwards the gynae scanned me and said everything has passed naturally and she can already see a new lining starting to form. My pregnancy didn’t even develop fully to where it should have been at 6 weeks. I had a positive ovulation test 11 days ago and we had sex the following day. Will there still be hcg levels in my body now? My period is due in 3 days but I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms and my gut tells me I’m pregnant. Though I’m scared to test and get excited about a positive if it might still be left over hcg from the previous pregnancy.

    • Dear mb0221,

      If you have ovulated and had unprotected sex, there are chances for you being pregnant again. My advice is that you take a pregnancy test after 4 or 5 days of a missed period (preferably a blood test).

      Best of luck!

  1. Jessy

    I had a mischarge in April 2018, I was super upset but I was able to get thru it. I have my period last month on the 24th, everything was fine, or it seemed to me. I woke up with my boobs hurting and took a PT test and it was positive, Should I believe it???? My doctor cant get me into the office for 3 weeks. I want to be happy but something is telling me that I shouldn’t because its probably reading from my miscarriage. Please help/

  2. Chunni

    Hi I had an abortion 4 weeks ago for 4 week old fetus by taking mefipristome. I had 3-4 days bleeding and after that 6-7 days small clots came out. Now I took a pregnancy test at home after bleeding as I didnt had menstrual cycle, and it has a faint line. I am aftraid. What does it mean?

  3. Rashmi


    I had my period on 20 sept 2017 for only 1 day, and in october I missed my period. On doing hcg test I got 2 extremely dark lines. I took mtp pills on 4th november 2017 and I started to bleed on the 6th to november 13th November (8 days) very heavily. I took hcg test again on the 16th november and it is still showing 2 dark lines. What can be the possible reason.

    • Jessy

      I would wait and take another one in a few days and then a few weeks

  4. hello11

    Hello, i took misoprostol and 3 weeks after taking it my hCG levels are still high, how likely is it to fail????

    • ophelia11134

      Hello11, haven’t you read the comments above? They all answer to your query.

  5. Nicky

    As of Sunday it will be 4 weeks since I had a medical termination. My current HcG levels are reading at 615. Is that still to high for being 25 days later? I have not had intercourse but my husband did ejaculate near my vagina. I read that though it is very rare it can still result in pregnancy. Should I be concerned? Trying to to have a panic attack as I have to wait for Monday to take a second HcG test.

  6. Destiny

    i had a miscarriage on 10/3. I went to my dr on 10/11 to check my hcg levels. when i went for my follow up on today(10/13) my levels were still pretty high (9800) i did a second test
    today and i will have results on 10/16. is there a chance i could still be pregnant? are my levels slowly dropping?

  7. Miss gobs

    i had an abortion 2 weeks ago. I took a pregnancy test at home and it has a faint line. I’m also having a sore breasts and nausea. What does it mean?