What Does Leaking Amniotic Fluid Feel Like? – Signs & Causes


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    Melissa Lopes

    Hi, just wanted to share with all of you how sad i am at the moment… A few days ago, i lost my baby at the 19th week of pregnancy. I started leaking amniotic fluid a few days earlier and went immediately to the dr. She said it was amniotic fluid… It started to leak slowly, then it became more abundant. She said nothing could be done and I ended up losing my baby. I think I’m having depression symptoms… I wanted to know, is there anything I did wrong during the 1st weeks? Anything that I didn’t do? Is there any way for it to be prevented?

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      Sandra F.Fertility Counselor

      Dear Melissa,

      As explained through this post, when a pregnant woman starts leaking amniotic fluid, keeping it from leaking is unfortunately not possible. it can occur due to various reasons, but I’m afraid you cannot control it, and they don’t depend on you or your actions. So don’t blame it on you. I’m very sorry for your loss.

      Wishing you all the best

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