The Eighth Week of Pregnancy

By BSc, MSc (embryologist) and BA, MA (fertility counselor).
Last Update: 07/28/2014

In the 8th week of pregnancy the uterus relaxes and the belly is practically covered by it. You may not feel anything remarkable yet, as the belly is not swollen, although some women refer discomfort during that week. The gynecologist can notice the enlargement of the uterus through a abdominal palpation.

Provided bellow is an index with the 2 points we are going to expand on in this article.

Fetal changes

At the end of the 8th week the embryo is approximately 13 mm long. The most important change taking place this week is the skin formation of the embryo. The eyes are hid by skin that later will become the eyelids.

Musculature and heart

The primordium of what will the its musculature is formed below the breasts. The heart has already four chambers and pumps blood energetically.

Nose, upper lip and ears

By the end of the week the nose and upper lip will be formed. The ears start their formation, they are misplaced and not completely shaped (they are now below their final location).

Hands and fingers

The digital rays of the hands are formed, growing progressively to eventually develop the fingers.


The development of the lower limbs goes on, forming the footplate, which now looks like a stump.

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 Neus Ferrando Gilabert
Neus Ferrando Gilabert
BSc, MSc
Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the University of Valencia (UV). Postgraduate Course in Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH). Experience managing Embryology and Andrology Labs at Centro Médico Manzanera (Logroño, Spain). More information about Neus Ferrando Gilabert
Adapted into english by:
 Sandra Fernández
Sandra Fernández
Fertility Counselor
Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpreting (English, Spanish, Catalan, German) from the University of Valencia (UV) and Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus (Edinburgh, UK). Postgraduate Course in Legal Translation from the University of Valencia. Specialist in Medical Translation, with several years of experience in the field of Assisted Reproduction. More information about Sandra Fernández

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