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Fertility treatments according to the family model

Fertility treatments according to the family model

Assisted reproduction was created with the aim of helping infertile couples to become parents. However, due to the evolution of the techniques and thanks to the donation of gametes, nowadays couples of the same sex and people without a partner also use assisted reproduction to have children.

Next, we are going to comment on the techniques that each family model needs to be able to be parents:

Heterosexual couples
need assisted reproduction due to fertility problems. The main techniques they use are artificial insemination (AI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).
Single women and lesbian couples
need sperm donation in order to become pregnant, either through AI or IVF.
Single men and gay couples
need egg donation and surrogacy to have a child, as men are not capable of gestation.
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Last Update: 01/03/2022