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Diagnostic tests for epididymitis

Diagnostic tests for epididymitis

When a man feels some symptoms like testicular pain, the urologist has to perform a physical examination of the area. In this way, he will be in charge of assessing the degree of swelling and pain that the patient feels.

Next, it is necessary to perform a urine and blood analysis to identify possible pathogens that are causing an infection in the genital area. It is also recommended to perform a semen analysis where it is observed if there are leukocytes in the semen, which would also be indicative of an infection.

Testicular ultrasound will allow us to rule out other possible pathologies, such as testicular torsion or testicular cancer. This test is very important because if it is testicular torsion, the patient will have to be operated on immediately.

By (gynecologist), (gynecologist), BSc (embryologist), (embryologist) and (invitra staff).
Last Update: 06/11/2020
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