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Newly married, ttc and still not pregnant after 2 years

Newly married, ttc and still not pregnant after 2 years

  1. Alessandra

    Hi there all, it’s very disturbing for someone to explain the worse and good part of your personal life in any forum. But I think it’s a good initiative to share our experience with people so that they get much information regarding daily life problems especially the problem of infertility. Two years ago, I and my husband tied a knot in marriage and we planned to have a baby but unfortunately, I didn’t conceive as early as we were expecting. We suffered for about 2 years and we used each and every feasible way to get through the situation. But as always, we couldn’t find a suitable treatment.

    01/25/2018 at 12:49 am
  2. Dear Alessandra James,

    In humans, chances of conceiving are approximately 15-20% per month, that is, during the first month having unprotected sexual intercourse, 15-20% of the couples will achieve pregnancy successfully.

    A woman’s likelihood of becoming pregnant is cumulative—it increases with each subsequent menstrual cycle. In other words, after 12 months trying to conceive, your chances of getting pregnant are 80-85%.

    If pregnancy doesn’t occur after this time frame, this probability stops increasing and the chances of getting pregnant in subsequent months don’t continue increasing so significantly. So, it’s likely that there’s a fertility issue in the couple, whether it is in the man, the woman, or both.

    In these cases, which I believe you may feel related to, both members of the couple should visit a fertility specialist to find the cause and determine the best treatment to become parents. Our advice is that you choose a clinic that is near to your place of residence and makes you feel comfortable.

    To get started, I recommend that you fill out the following form: Cost Estimator for IVF & Egg Donation Treatments. A fertility specialist will get back to you ASAP.

    I hope I have been able to help,

    Best wishes

    01/25/2018 at 10:44 am
  3. Hey there. How are you?
    You have said right. Its a great platform for everyone. People can share their experiences. Through others experiences one gets a lot of information related to one’s issue.
    Sorry to know about you. Have you visited some doctor? Do you know the reason behind it?
    I would suggest you to consult a doctor. Get yourself checked.
    But if the check-ups won’t pay off you can opt for other ways too.
    IUI, IVF and surrogacy are there to help you. You don’t need to worry about it. Because of advancement in medical field everything is possible. I must say, almost everything.
    You should look into these.
    Good luck.
    Much love.

    02/05/2018 at 4:02 pm
  4. Hey there! It is good that you chose to speak on this forum. It is where we all really open up cause everything seems relatable. The first thing you should do is talk to an experienced doctor. Other than that you should track your ovulation dates. Excercise daily and eat on time. Don’t be stressed things will get easier. Best of luck.

    02/05/2018 at 5:55 pm
  5. Hello there. It seems like a disturbing thing to post first but believe me when people start to support you and suggest you different solutions then you will get to know how smart your decision was to share your problem over here. bout your problem, have you consulted a doctor about your problem? If you have gone through different procedures then would you let us know about the exact procedures? 2 years is a long time for trying and I think you should try to find a solution ASAP. I am just saying this because I have been TTC for the past 10 years and I did not take a wise step on time and did not try to find a solution. Years passed by and I think its too late now. I am old myself and conceiving seems like a very tiring idea to me. I think that you should not be as stupid as me and try to work on your problem at the right time. I am very hopeful that there would not be any serious problem and you will conceive in no time once your treatment begins. Stay hopeful.

    02/07/2018 at 5:32 pm
  6. Hello,
    This is best option to share your doubts about the conceiving.
    I would suggest to do some medical checkup. Thyroidism can lead to infertility. Take proper sleep, excercise food intake and try to conceive.
    After following all these conditions, then also you are not able to conceive. Visit fertility expert and take proper treatment regarding this.

    02/12/2018 at 10:44 am
  7. These forums are a great platform to share your stories. You also get to learn a lot from these forums. It has become my second family honestly. Now coming to your problem. Honey, you have been married for two years only. Consult a good doctor and understand what the problem is. Is the problem related to you or your husband? There is nothing to worry about. It is remarkable that you and your husband have been each others support system. You need to step out and consult a doctor. If God forbid you cannot conceive then too there are options available.You can consider IVF. These forums will give you all the required information about these treatments as well. Buckle up, it is time to fight back for your happiness.

    03/23/2018 at 5:31 pm
  8. Alessandra! look, you are possibly fertile. but if you are trying as much, then you must go to a fertility clinic. take proper treatment to see whether you still need some time to try. Or you can choose alternative ways of becoming pregnant. i recommend that you keep on checking your health regularly because you are trying to conceive and it is not good if you show carelessness. have a look at surrogacy/IVF processes. it will also help you a lot to complete your family. you can manage your life easier through alternate ways as well dear.

    03/23/2018 at 7:25 pm
    • Dear beeny,

      Thanks for your comment. Surrogacy is indicated when a woman is unable to get pregnant or carry a child until birth. If the reason of female infertility is associated with poor egg quality, then patients should consider other techniques before choosing surrogacy, including egg donation. Surrogacy should be considered as a last resort, and not as your first choice in case IVF fails or pregnancy doesn’t occur after 2 years TTC.

      My advice is that women TTC who don’t achieve pregnancy after 1 years trying (6 months if you’re older than age 35) visit their OB/GYN to see what would be the best options in their case.

      Check out this for information: What Is Surrogacy & How Does It Work? – Everything You Should Know.

      I hope this helps,


      03/26/2018 at 9:35 am