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Factors affecting male fertility

Factors affecting male fertility

Male fertility can be affected by three factors:

Pretesticular factor
refers to problems in the endocrine system. The signals sent by the brain are essential for sperm production. For this reason, if there is any error in communication, sperm will not be produced. Diseases that cause male infertility due to this factor are hyperprolactinemia, hypogonadism, thyroid problems and diabetes.
Testicular factor
all defects that affect the testicles themselves. Some possible causes of testicular factor are Noonan syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, cryptorchidism, etc.
Post testicular factor
includes all aspects that affect the spermatozoa themselves once they have already formed in the testicle.
Sperm factor
is the main cause of male infertility and is due to defects in the sperm.
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Last Update: 07/26/2022