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Calendar for long stimulation protocol

Calendar for long stimulation protocol

Ovarian stimulation in a long protocol begins around the middle of the previous menstrual cycle, when the GnRH agonist drug is started.

In the example of this medication schedule, the patient was given Synarel until she had menstruation, at which time she also added gonadotropins for ovarian stimulation. That is, after menstruation, the patient began to administer Synarel and Puregon at the same time.

Ten days later the follicular puncture was programmed and that same day the patient injected the Ovitrelle puncture for follicular maturation.

Finally, it is necessary to administer progesterone to support the luteal phase from the day of the puncture until the day the woman takes the pregnancy test, in which she will know the result of the cycle.

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Last Update: 11/04/2019
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