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Predisposition to True Empty Follicle Syndrome

Predisposition to True Empty Follicle Syndrome

Only 1% of patients present with True Empty Follicle Syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by the impossibility of obtaining eggs after a follicular puncture:

  • Despite showing good follicular growth and correct estradiol levels throughout the ovarian stimulation.
  • All medications administered during ovarian stimulation were injected correctly and were in good condition. Especially hCG, which promotes the maturation and release of eggs into the follicles.
  • The inability to retrieve eggs after the puncture is repeated in the following assisted reproduction cycles.

The causes that generate this type of syndrome are unknown. However, certain women have been found to be predisposed to this syndrome when:

Advanced maternal age
it has been seen that as women get older this event is more common, especially in those who are older than 40 years.
Low ovarian reserve
women who have a low number of follicles in their ovaries and hormone levels that indicate that their reproductive life is nearing the end.
obesity, and therefore the hormonal alteration it entails, may predispose to this syndrome
Genetic predisposition
it has been postulated that certain women have genetic variants that may facilitate this syndrome to occur during ovarian puncture.
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Last Update: 10/19/2021