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Being a single mom is harder than it seems

Being a single mom is harder than it seems

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Making Sense</span>
    Making Sense

    Hello there, I’m tired and bored of reading successful single mom stories. I just want to share my story with single mothers-to-be because it is not as good as it seems… Coping with being a single mom is hard, especially if you’ve been in a relationship previously and someone broke your heart, because the feelings of grief keep on arising every time I remember that I could have had my baby with him and not alone. But that’s not the unique problem… Let me tell you my story.

    I decided to be a single mother here in the U.S. and visited a private fertility clinic. I won’t mention their name, but they seemed very nice at the beginning. My surprise came when the presumed gynecologist told me I couldn’t be a single mother, so I couldn’t get started with any fertility treatment, e.g. donor insemination. I couldn’t believe it so started to look for another clinic because nowadays most fertility clinics include comprehensive treatments for single women, lesbian couples, gay couples, single men… New family types in general. People at that fertility clinic are backwards and I won’t come back there again. In fact, they are proceeding unlawfully because they are contradicting U.S. regulations on assisted reproductive technology.

    I won’t tell you the name because I want to remain anonymous, but I’m sure if they read this they may relate to this situation.

    This is my story and as you may see it is not as easy as it seems, so you’d better think twice if you decide to have a baby on your own!

    12/07/2015 at 3:24 pm
  2. Hello,

    It strikes me that there are still fertility clinics in the U.S. that still do this kind of things. As you say, it is permitted by law and acting like that is illegal in the United States. Nobody can put problems if it is foreseen in the law.

    Don’t let other people’s bad mood affect you and forget about it ASAP. No woman on earth deserves it 😉

    Best wishes

    12/23/2015 at 3:52 pm