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Changes in the semen

Changes in the semen

Semen alterations are a cause of infertility in men. Therefore, it is of vital importance to perform a sperm examination by means of a seminogram. This test evaluates the semen parameters, such as sperm concentration, sperm motility and morphology, etc. In addition, a macroscopic study of the semen can also be carried out to determine the volume, viscosity, pH, liquefaction and color.

In this way, it is easy to determine whether the semen quality is adequate or not. In the event that the results of the semen analysis show abnormal values, there are several pathologies depending on the semen parameter affected. Among the most common sperm alterations are the following:

less than 15 millon sperm per mL of ejaculate.
less than 100.000 espermatozoides.
defect in sperm motility
less than 4% of soperm with normal morphology.
increased level of dead sperm.
ausencia total de espermatozoides en el eyaculado.
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Last Update: 07/26/2022