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Causes of alterations in cervical mucus

Causes of alterations in cervical mucus

Alterations in cervical mucus can affect the interaction between sperm and mucus. There are many causes that can cause the mucus of the cervix to be scarce or of poor quality.

Among them we find:

  • Low estrogen levels: this hormone is responsible for modifying the cervical mucus and producing the necessary changes so that it has an adequate structure and consistency to help the sperm to pass through the cervical canal. Alterations in the levels of this hormone, or menopause in middle age, can cause mucus secretion to be insufficient.
  • Inflammation of the cervix: certain inflammations due to bacterial or viral infections, such as cervicitis, they cause the secretory cells of the cervix to not work normally.
  • Anti-sperm antibodies: This immune problem causes the woman's body to produce molecules against the sperm that pass through the cervical canal. Consequently, the mucus presents these molecules, called anti-sperm antibodies, which detect male cells as external pathogens that must be eliminated.
  • Acidic mucus: pH levels that are too acidic in the cervical mucus can make it too hostile an environment for sperm to survive.
  • Side effect of medications: Some drugs can reduce the secretion of cervical mucus.
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Last Update: 02/10/2022