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Normal symptoms after embryo transfer

Normal symptoms after embryo transfer

Breast pain and changes, nausea and frequent urination are symptoms that may occur after an embryo transfer. Minor bleeding or lower back and abdominal pain similar to the onset of menstruation may also occur.

These symptoms may be due to the pregnancy itself or to the hormonal load to which the patient has been subjected during the entire treatment, whether the transfer is positive or negative at the end.

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Last Update: 07/28/2022
    1. Is it possible to have flu-like symptoms??

    2. I had 3 morula, (A+2B), transferred on Friday 11th December. Eggs were collected and fertilised on Monday 7th December. I have been completely symptom-less, apart from experiencing slight cramps after the embryo transfer. I don’t know what to make of it. This is my third IVF cycle, previous cycles failed. My husband has severe MF issue.

      • Dear Tamara,

        The fact that you don’t feel any sign at all does not mean the treatment has been unsuccessful. Symptoms depend on each particular case; this means some women may not present any sign and yet be pregnant, or the other way about. However, maybe it has not worked and that is the reason why you are not experiencing any side effect or symptom. Wait till day 15 post embryo transfer to see what the pregnancy test shows 😉

        Hope you share your result with us 🙂

        Best wishes

        • That’s a quick-witted answer to a difficult question!