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Love Fertility Clinic

Love Fertility Clinic

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Last Update: 02/23/2021


Love Fertility Clinic is an assisted reproduction clinic located in the capital of Madrid, very close to Retiro Park. If you need information on how to get to the clinic, either by public or private transport, you can access this link.

It is a private fertility clinic that occupies the first floor of a building. This center has 400m2, including the reception, waiting rooms, consultation rooms, an operating theater, and laboratories, among other rooms.

Love Fertility Clinic is formed by a multidisciplinary team of 13 specialists in human reproduction, whose mission is to help their patients achieve pregnancy when it cannot be achieved naturally. The medical director is Dr. Blanca Paraíso and the laboratory is directed by the embryologist Patricia Recuerda.


Love Fertility Clinic was founded in 2016 by two Spanish investment groups specialized in the health sector, under the name of Clínica de Fertilidad Velázquez and as a center specialized in assisted reproduction treatments.

Clínica de Fertilidad Velázquez reaches an agreement to become part of the Ovoclinic group in 2019, with which the clinic has been collaborating in the care of donors and fertility patients until May 2020.

In May of this year, the new project for patients Love Fertility, whose medical director is Dr. Blanca Paraíso, was born.

Currently, Love Fertility continues to maintain the agreement with OvoBank (Ovoclinic group egg bank) in donor care, procurement, and preservation of eggs.


Love Fertility's facilities are spread over a single floor and the clinic was last renovated earlier this year.

Below, you will find all the facilities of the clinic detailed, with the resources and technology available to perform fertility treatments.

Building and facade

As we have already mentioned, Love Fertility is located on the first floor of a building with an elevator in the Salamanca district of Madrid. Therefore, this building is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Love Fertility is located in a central and busy neighborhood, so parking in the area is difficult to find. However, there is a public car park 1 minute from the clinic. Also, the sidewalks on the street are wide and pleasant if you want to walk.

As for the facade of Love Fertility, the building is ivory and brown with rectangular-shaped windows, complying with the aesthetics of the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca.

As soon as you enter the building, there is a landing and to access Love Fertility you will have to go up the stairs to the left.

Waiting room and reception

When you arrive on the first floor and enter Love Fertility, the first thing you will find is the reception area to the right of the front door. This area has a white counter and is well lit. Three people work here and the languages they speak are Spanish, English, French, Arabic, and Japanese.

On the other hand, Love Fertility has 2 large waiting rooms. The waiting room located to the right of the entrance door is equipped with 11 grey chairs and 3 white tables. The wall tones are pink. The other waiting room is a little smaller and is usually for donors.

In addition, these rooms are equipped with magazines, television, coffee machine, and water dispenser to make the wait more pleasant, although the waiting time to enter the consultation room is usually minimal.


Love Fertility has two medical offices with ample space. These consultations are equipped with everything necessary to carry out the follow-up of the treatments.

Both consultations have an examination room with a gynecological table, although this room is in a separate room within the surgery itself for greater privacy. In addition, there is a sink inside the examination room.

The ultrasound scanners in the examination rooms of each practice are Xario 200G and Siemens ACUSON X150, ultrasound scanners that offer 3D/4D and 2D images respectively.

Three gynecologists work at Love Fertility, Dr. Blanca Paraíso, Dr. Lidia Pérez García, and Dr. Isabel Díaz Plaza. In addition, Dr. Blanca Paraíso offers care to her patients in Spanish, English, Catalan, and Italian; while Dr. Lidia Pérez and Dr. Isabel Díaz speak Spanish and English.

All of them are on duty on weekends when it is necessary to perform punctures and/or embryo transfers. Love Fertility also performs first consultations on weekends if no other day is possible.

Operating Room

Love Fertility's operating room is 16 m2 in size and is located at the end of the clinic's corridor. This area is directly connected through a door to the post-anesthesia recovery unit and the IVF laboratory. This makes the transfer of patients and samples easier.

To access the operating room there is a double door, between which the staff proceeds to the change of shoes to ensure sterility.

This operating room is fully equipped with an operating table, instrument tables, a monitor, an ultrasound machine (Siemens ACUSON X150), a defibrillator, an anesthesia machine, a crash cart, and an ultra-purified air-line.

Also, both the wall corners and the floor skirting boards are rounded and the walls are covered with vinyl to prevent the accumulation of dirt. All this ensures that the operating theatre is a totally clean and sterile room.

On the other hand, Love Fertility's operating room is also adapted to perform major ambulatory surgery, as well as hysteroscopies, gynecological biopsies, etc.

In relation to schedules, there are two intervals where Love Fertility performs ovarian punctures. The first period would be at 8:30 a.m. any day of the week. If there are more than three punctures, a second puncture interval would be done at approximately 11:00.

Embryo transfers are performed in the late morning, around 13:30.

Finally, the staff present in all these interventions are the gynecologist, the anesthetist, and one or two nurses.


Love Fertility has two physically separate labs with separate entrances: the andrology lab and the IVF lab. These laboratories were renovated in 2012 and are adapted to work with infectious samples for HIV, hepatitis, etc.

As we have already mentioned, the Love Fertility laboratory is directed by embryologist Patricia Recuerda, who speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese. In addition, both Patricia and Maria are on call on weekends and holidays in case a procedure needs to be done.

On the other hand, the sample traceability system used by Love Fertility to avoid confusion between patients is the double witness.

Each of Love Fertility's laboratories, as well as the equipment they have, are detailed below.

Andrology Laboratory

This room is a small space where sperm tests, semen capacitation, sperm selection, and other tests related to male sperm are performed.

For this purpose, this laboratory is equipped with the following resources:

  • 1 Laminar flow hood K-System.
  • 1 inverted microscope.
  • 1 Galaxy 150S Incubator.
  • 1 Centrifuge.

Therefore, this laboratory has all the necessary material to carry out the seminal procedures they offer their patients.

Love Fertility performs semen analysis on weekends for those patients who do not reside in Madrid and/or require a first visit and results collection on Saturdays or Sundays.

Physically, the andrology laboratory is attached to the IVF laboratory, although with a different entrance. However, there is a small window that connects both laboratories to pass the biological samples and necessary material.

IVF Laboratory

This area has direct communication with the operating room through a door with an automatic opening. This lab has no windows, except for a tiny one that connects to the andrology lab.

The light in Love Fertility's IVF laboratory is dim and the average temperature is 22-26ºC, that is to say, it has the ideal conditions for the development of the embryos.

As in the operating room, the corners of the walls and the baseboards of the IVF lab floor are rounded and the walls are covered with vinyl, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and facilitates cleaning. This lab also has a positive pressure ventilation system and all the furniture in this lab is made of stainless steel.

In relation to the material and equipment available in Love Fertility's IVF laboratory is as follows:

  • 2 Laminar flow hoods, one cold and one hot.
  • 4 heated surfaces.
  • 10 heated blocks.
  • 1 Anti-vibration table.
  • 4 binocular magnifiers.
  • 1 K-System sandwich incubator.
  • 1 Time-Lapse Incubator with PrimoVision technology.
  • 1 eppendorff microinjector with heated plate.
  • 1 Freezer.
  • 1 Fridge.
  • 10 automatic pipettes.

On the other hand, Love Fertility performs PGD and the biopsy method is by laser from an external service. In addition, the genetic analyses are also sent to an external service, Igenomix.

Recovery room

Love Fertility has a unique recovery room with several articulating beds. Each bed is separated from the next by curtains. The Love Fertility recovery room does not have a private toilet, although there is a bathroom nearby.

In addition, Love Fertility staff offer patients juice and cookies after procedures such as an ovarian puncture.

Sperm collection rooms

Love Fertility has a small room available for the collection of semen samples. The resources available in this room are a television and video catalog, as well as an armchair and a gel cleanser on the wall.

Nursing room

In this room at Love Fertility, blood is drawn by the nursing staff. Therefore, the nursing room is equipped with an armchair with armrests, a sink, a refrigerator for storing reagents, a storage area, and a centrifuge for obtaining serum and plasma.

However, Love Fertility does not have biochemical analysis equipment because they are sent to an external service, as is the case in most centers.

How is the first visit?

Love Fertility offers a free first visit and can also be done by video call if you are unable to attend the clinic.

It is recommended to bring your ID card or passport and your medical history to this visit, as well as the tests that you have previously done. The staff involved are the gynecologist, reception staff, patient care staff, and nurse.

This first visit lasts approximately 60 minutes where an evaluation of the couple is carried out, review of the evidence provided, an ultrasound if appropriate and additional tests are requested if necessary. When the results of the different tests are obtained, the gynecologists inform the patients of the most appropriate fertility treatment for each situation.

On the other hand, Love Fertility does not have a specific schedule for first visits but can be done at any time during clinic hours.

What treatments do they perform?

The fertility treatments carried out at Love Fertility are those indicated in the following table.

Embryo Adoption
Embryo cryopreservation
Fertility preservation
Frozen Embryo Transfer
In Vitro Fertilization / ICSI
IUI with Donor Sperm
IUI with Partner's Sperm
IVF with Donor Egg & Donor Sperm
IVF with Donor Eggs
IVF with Donor Sperm
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Reciprocal IVF

If you do not yet know which fertility treatment is the most suitable for you and you want to find out more, you can read about each one in the following article: Infertility Treatment Options.

The treatment costs may vary significantly depending on the tests or techniques included or not, such as the seminogram, medication, fertility testing, medical visits, prolonged culture or embryo vitrification.

This Tool helps you to find out the exact costs of the different fertility clinics (what's included and what's not) and provides you with lots of useful tips for your first appointment.

Complementary techniques

In addition to all the treatments indicated in the previous section, Love Fertility also offers the possibility of performing the following complementary techniques in order to increase the chances of success according to the information on its website:

  • Testicular biopsy.
  • Scheduled intercourse.
  • Embryo culture with Time-Lapse technology with PrimoVision model.
  • Sperm selection via MACS.
  • Sperm FISH, although it is performed in external service.
  • Micro TESE.
  • Study of sperm fragmentation by Comet.
  • Fertile Chip.
  • Fertile Plus.
  • Mechanically assisted hatching.

Love Fertility does not have a standardized protocol, but it will depend on each specific case. This reinforces their idea of having a personalized treatment with each patient to improve the chances of achieving pregnancy.

Diagnostic Tests

At Love Fertility it is also possible to perform the following diagnostic tests on their patients:

  • Female fertility testing.
  • Male fertility testing.
  • Semen analysis.
  • Hysterosonosalpingography.
  • Genetic compatibility test.
  • 3D and 4D ultrasounds.
  • Ultrasound review.
  • Endometrial biopsy to study endometrial receptivity, endometritis and endometrial flora.
  • First trimester ultrasound.

Gamete donors

Those women who want to become egg donors can also go to ART Reproducción to have all the necessary medical and psychological tests done, as indicated in Law 14/2006 on Assisted Human Reproduction Techniques.

If they pass these tests, the ovarian stimulation and follicular puncture procedure begin. Both processes take place at the clinic, but donors are scheduled at different times than patients and wait in a different room. This entire donor section is led by Almudena Ramón, the donor coordinator.

Moreover, it is becoming increasingly common to perform IVF treatments with fresh donations, but Love Fertility always pays special attention to ensure that donors and recipients are not crossed.

On the other hand, Love Fertility also receives sperm donors, so it is not necessary to resort to an external bank. All these donors also pass the necessary medical and psychological tests.

The method of donor allocation is based on phenotype, blood type, and immunological compatibility where necessary.

Finally, Love Fertility complies with the requirements established in Law 14/2006 on assisted human reproduction techniques and also performs the genetic compatibility test.

Other services

In order for fertility treatments to have a greater chance of success, the intervention of other medical specialists in addition to the gynecologist may be necessary.

Therefore, Love Fertility offers the following services to its patients:

the clinic's own psychological support service for patients throughout their treatment, directed by Marta Villarreal. This service is included in the price.
External psychological therapy
if psychological therapy is recommended, Love Fertility has an agreement with the Argensola Centre, at a reduced price for its patients. The price of each session will be 50 euros when the usual price is 60 euros.
obsessiveness and bad eating habits can be a cause of infertility. This service is carried out externally by Sara González and the first consultation costs 50 euros, while follow-up consultations cost 35 euros.
for the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility problems, but also to provide solutions to pathologies related to the urinary system. Dr. Carlos Simón of the Andromedi group is responsible for it and it has an extra price in the budget.
Love Fertility offers free assistance for those relatively simple questions. In case of needing genetic counseling, it will be necessary to resort to an external service and it will have an extra cost of 60 euros.

Moreover, Love Fertility makes treatment financing options available to patients to assist in the payment of treatments. In addition, all the formalities are carried out directly at the clinic without having to visit a notary or a bank.

Success rates

The Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) is in charge of compiling the results of all the Spanish fertility clinics every year and making a statistical analysis. In fact, the SEF is the only scientific organization independent of clinics that collects and publishes this data in an objective manner.

However, the latest report published by SEF shows the success rates obtained in 2018 (National Activity Register 2018-SEF Register). Therefore, Love Fertility rates are not yet available, as the clinic's professionals started their activity in 2019 and under the name Love Fertility in 2020.

User experiences

The professionals at Love Fertility Clinic started in 2019, but it wasn't until 2020 that they changed their name to Love Fertility. As this is a fairly recent change, we have not found any related opinions.

If you are a patient of Love Fertility Clinic and you are interested in telling us about your experience, whether it has been positive or negative, you can do so in the comments section.

Medical team

Dr. Blanca Paraíso
Dr. Blanca Paraíso
Medical Director
Medical licence: 284505579
Dr. Lidia Pérez García
Dr. Lidia Pérez García
Medical licence: 282870961
Dr. Isabel Díaz Plaza
Dr. Isabel Díaz Plaza
Patricia Recuerda
Patricia Recuerda
Lab Director
María de Riva
María de Riva
Almudena Ramón
Almudena Ramón
Marian López
Marian López
Yasmin Abdelkarim
Yasmin Abdelkarim
Patient Coordinator
María Mora
María Mora
Patient Coordinator
Marta Villareal
Marta Villareal
Licence no: M-17449
Mayumi García Ozonuko
Mayumi García Ozonuko
Patient Coordinator

Location: how to get to the clinic?

Love Fertility Clinic is located at Calle Velázquez N/19 1ºD, in the famous and luxurious Salamanca district of Madrid. Therefore, it has a privileged location, very close to Retiro Park.

To get there by public transport, it is advisable to take bus lines 21 or 53 which stop (Goya-Velázquez) 250 meters from Love Fertility. In addition, lines 1, 9, 19, 51, and 74 also stop near the clinic.

Another option is to go by underground, as line 4 (brown line) has a stop just 4 minutes walk approximately to Love Fertility.

If you wish to go by car, there is a public pay car park 1 minute away from Love Fertility Clinic. Parking can be found in the streets near the clinic, it is SER zone (blue/green regulated parking). Nevertheless, it is not easy.

Finally, if the patient comes from outside Madrid and arrives in the city by AVE high-speed train, Atocha is 3.2 km from the clinic. The best option, in this case, would be to take a bus (line 19). On the other hand, if you arrive at the airport, you can take the suburban train C1 to Recoletos and then walk 700 meters or take a taxi.


Love Fertility is a recently opened clinic that has the necessary facilities to carry out all the assisted reproduction treatments they offer to their patients. Its design, a mixture of white and pink colours and the furniture create a close and familiar atmosphere for the patients.

The location of this clinic in the luxurious Salamanca district is excellent, as it is right in the center of Madrid. Therefore, there are several options to get there by public transport, without having to go in your own vehicle. It is also a good choice of clinic if you arrive in the capital by AVE or by plane, as it is well connected.

The staff at Love Fertility wants their patients to feel comfortable at all times, providing a greater sense of confidence. In addition, the Patient Care Department can arrange travel and accommodation in Madrid for those patients who need it.

Finally, Love Fertility is very close to other clinics in Madrid. In this way, patients have the possibility to compare several centers before making a decision.

If you have any doubts when choosing a fertility clinic, we can give you more recommendations and advice like the ones you will find in this article: How to choose the best fertility clinic for me or in the Fertility Report.

Healthcare Operating Authorization

Health Center approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health with the Standardized Center Code (CCN): 1328001893

Last Update: 02/23/2021
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