The egg and the sperm unite in the fallopian tubes, also called oviducts, and a zygote is formed. The zygote begins to develop while it migrates from the oviduct to the uterine cavity. Once there, it fixates to the walls of the uterus and the embryo implantation is produced.

Implantation is the process by which the embryo, once it has reached the blastocyst stage, adheres to the endometrium, thus allowing the fetus to receive by blood doping the oxygen and nutrients it needs from the mother. This way it will be able to continue its development.

For such purpose, a necessary embryo-maternal dialogue occurs through a kind of root-shaped prolongations that extend to the cervical mucus and are produced by the embryo.

The implantation begins on the seventh or eighth day after the fertilization of the egg by the sperm and goes on until about the end of the second week.

The increase in hormones after implantation generates pregnancy symptoms. Usually they start later, but sometimes they can be noticeable at very early stages. Usually, women start noticing it later, around the 2nd-3rd week after fertilization. However, some women notice such symptoms previously.

Vaginal bleeding

Bleeding because of implantation usually occurs a few days after implantation. Although it may be confused with menstrual bleeding, implantation bleeding is characterized by a more fluid texture than that of menstrual periods. Its color can vary from rosy to brownish.

The length of this bleeding depends on each woman.

Other symptoms which may be remarkable if they occur when menstruation finishes are:

  • One- to two-day cramping, similar to painful menstrual periods.
  • Slight swelling of the breasts, especially around the areola and the nipple.
  • Digestive disturbances because of diarrhea or constipation; heartburn.
  • Constant urge to urinate.
  • Sleepiness, especially after having eaten.
  • Nausea or even vomiting, especially after waking up, usually from the second week onwards.
  • Abhorrence of food, tobacco and certain smells.
  • First food cravings, a larger number of foods but less nourishing.

Too-frequent observations of any type of sign or change in our organism, together with an unrestrained desire to have a child, can cause you to feel pregnancy symptoms even if you are not pregnant.

In any case, the best you can do is waiting at least 12 days after ovulation to take a pregnancy test and to answer your questions.


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    Hello. I need help. I have a 2-embryo blast transfer done 11 days ago. I did an urine pregnancy test this morning and it’s negative, but I have all kind of symptoms: nauseas, pain in my leg, lower back pain, my boobs are really sor…. Besides, I have headache, bloating, and everyday I feel a lot of cramps similar to my period cramps.

    I wonder if this is normal or if I could be pregnant… My blood test is on Oct 14.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. usuario

    I had my embryo transfer 12 days ago and 3 embryo transfer but since yesterday I have brown spotting and from this morning pink discharge. Please, I need your response. Even sometimes I have back pain.

  3. usuario

    HI! I am very new at this! I just had a 3-day, category C embryo transfer done on Feb 07/16 so I’m on day 9 after transfer. I was very uncomfortable for a few days after since I got hyperstimulated ovaries. So I’m not sure how to interpret my symptoms the first week. However, I did get very stuffy nose for 3 days and it stopped, massive headaches that last for less then a minute and go, I’m very thirsty and go to the bathroom more then usual. On day 7 and 8 during the day, I experienced period like cramps and I was very scared as I thought my period was going to show up any time, but this also stopped. My breasts feel a little tender but not too bad. I guess my questions is: is it a bad sign that I had more symptoms the first week and on and off cramps, but less symptoms on the second week? Thank you.

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Martha,

      The answer to your question is yes, because the symptoms you had are likely to be due to ovulation induction drugs taken for ovarian hyperstimulation.

      I hope I have been able to help,

      Best wishes

      • usuario

        So, yes you think is a bad sign and that implantation may have not occurred?

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          Sandra F.Fertility counselor

          Hello again Martha,

          No, there is no reason as to why it may be a bad sign. Not every woman experiences post transfer symptoms, without meaning that the treatment has been unsuccessful. In fact, as you said in your previous comment, you still have some symptoms, which may be due to embryo implantation. However, they may be an indicator that your period is about to show up soon as well. Be it as it may, we can’t be sure up until day 15 post embryo transfer.

          I hope I have been able to help again and you share your outcome with all of us,

          Best wishes

  4. usuario

    Hi, this is my first time IVF cycle. Today is 4th day of embryo transfer. I feel cramping, exhausted, breast sore and strong food craving since the day of transfer. But, today I woke up with no cramping and no more breast sore 🙁 I don’t know why 🙁 I feel really worried and nervous. I’m afraid that my embryo will not implant in my uterus. I want to know why it has stopped cramping and breast sore? is it normal? Urine tests were negative. I have an hCG blood test 7 days later. Hopefully, the test will come out with positive! Pray for us, pls!

  5. usuario

    Hello Reyhana. I think you tested very early is only 4 days after transfer. Waiting for the blood test is the best choice. Do not pay too much attention to your symptoms because sometimes they could be due to the progesterone medications. Have faith, relax and pray… I was in the same situation as you on February and today I am 10 weeks pregnant. Be positive helped me a lot. I wishing you all the best. Keep my fingers crossed for you!!! Please, keep posted.

    Oh one more thing: keep your feet warm…

    • usuario

      Thank you so much for your kind encouragement and prayers, Domitila! I do appreciate it very much!! A big congratulations to you and pray for u too! I do feel quite relieved after reading your reply 🙂

      FYI, I will have the blood test tomorrow morning due to some light bleeding for 3 day. Hope for the best! I will keep posting my experiences and results soon!

      Cheers! Take care dear!

  6. usuario

    Good luck pretty. Wishing you all the best…

  7. usuario
    Zara zia


    I’m new to IVF. I’m 41 yrs old. Cervical scan shows I’m in a good condition. I just had an embryo transferred on 6/4/2016 (day 3) and today 10/4/2016 would be day 7 of the procedure, since that I only felt very mild hotness at my lower abdomen. But today no more hot feeling and no pregnancy symptoms. FYI, I had 3 embryos transferred:

    1) 8-cell grade 1
    2) 7-cell grade 2
    3) 4-cell stop developing


    1) Is this the normal process of implantation or its too early to be worried?
    2) Based on the info on google, today implantation is completed and cells that will eventually become the placenta and fetal cells begin to develop.
    3) What are the chances of having a pregnancy?

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Zara zia,

      judging by the quality of the embryos you had transferred, embryos 1) and 2) are of high quality and therefore likely to implant, whereas embryo No. 3) is highly unlikely to achieve so. Anyhow, your prognosis is good, because embryos 1) and 2) are high quality embryos. However, I’m sorry I cannot give you a precise figure as it depends on other factors such as age, previous cycles (if any), etc.

      Best of luck!

      • usuario
        Zara zia

        Hey Sandra,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Furthermore, I have stress these few days. Had an argument with husband and just knew that sister was diagnosed with cancer.

        1) Is this will effect the implantation?
        2) Today i had mild cramping and bloated same like when period. Is this good or bad symptom.
        3) If I had ET on 6.4.2016 means that today would be my 8 day developing the fetal?
        4) Should I bed rest? But I still walk over dinning and kitchen

        Please help.

  8. usuario
    Heidi Ferraez

    Hi I did 5d blastocyst transfer on May 12. I’m on my 5th day. I did a hpt and got a negative. Is it too soon to test? I don’t have any symptoms or anything 😞

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear Heidi,

      Yes, it is still too early to test. Taking into account that it was a blastocyst embryo transfer, at least 10 days are necessary for hCG levels to be detectable with a HPT in case implantation has taken place.

      On the other hand, the fact that you are not having any symptoms or signs does not mean anything. Some women experience them, and others don’t. It does not translate into a failed cycle or anything similar, so do not worry and, most importantly, try not to become obsessed with the final outcome.

      I hope I have been able to help,

      Best of lucks!

  9. usuario

    Good day!!

    This is my 1st time here, I did a FET 6 day blastocyst, which I had 2 transferred on june 12th. At the time was told that both made it after thawing, one was starting to hatch and the other was hatching. When they transferred, one was fully hatched and the other was almost hatched. My question is that after the transfer I’ve been experiencing pinching pains. Today, which is 4dp6dt, noticed my breasts are light brown color, is this normal? What does this mean? I have a blood test on june 21st. I also been experiencing morning sickness started two days ago.
    Please, just need some advice. Does this mean that I could be pregnant or is it the low dose of meds I am on, which is low dose of estrace and low dose of progesterone?

  10. usuario

    Hi All,

    Need help from you people,

    I had 3days transfer on 15th of July and have HPT in next few days.

    I have symptoms as below:

    1. From 6th -10th days (after transfer) I have cramps in both legs, sometimes in right, sometimes in left leg (Today 12th day still have cycle-like pain in legs).
    2. Had warm body temperature for some days but no fever
    3. For some days had morning headache for 5-10 mins while waking up.
    4. Had backache for 3-4 days but not painful.
    5. Sometimes have pain in abdomen just for few mins
    6. Have the on and off pain in abdomen for some time

    I don’t know what this means… if you people have any info please let me know.


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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear angel,

      3 days after embryo transfer is still too early to throw any conclusions on whether these are early pregnancy symptoms or not. This set of symptoms you’ve described are very likely due to the medications you’ve been taking and the transfer itself. My advice is that you continue with your normal lifestyle, not becoming obsessed with noticing pregnancy symptoms. Stress doesn’t help in these situations.

      Best wishes!