Gonal is a gonadotropin. This medicine is prescribed to women during controlled ovarian stimulation in an artificial insemination, an in vitro fertilisation or an ICSI cycle.

Composition and possible packages

This medicine contains recombinant FSH, which is a follicle stimulating hormone. Recombinant means that it hasn’t been purified using any human substances, on the contrary, it has been synthesised in the laboratory through genetic engineering techniques.

Gonal injection

There are five formats for this medicine:

  • GONAL-f 75: each vial contains 5,5 micrograms of follitropin alfa, i.e. 75 IU. Each millilitre of the prepared solution contains 75 IU.
  • GONAL-f 300: each prefilled multidose pen contains 300 IU (i.e. 22 micrograms) in 0,5 ml.
  • GONAL-f 450: each prefilled dose of the pen contains 450 IU (i.e. 33 micrograms) in 0,75 ml.
  • GONAL-f 900: each pen prefilled dose contains 900 IU (i.e. 66 micrograms) in 1.5 ml.
  • GONAL-f 1050: each vial contains 77 micrograms of follitropin alfa , i.e. 1050 IU, which means that each ml of solution has 600 IU.

Usage instructions

Regardless of its format, the preparation of the medicine is the same for all cases. Before administrating it, reading the information pamphlet is recommended. You must follow the indication of the doctor, since the dosage may vary during the treatment, depending on the response of every patient.

In order to trigger a controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, the dose indicated by the expert must be administered. It tends to be comprehended between 150-225 IU daily, and the injections must be provided at the same hour every day. The instructions that must be followed are:

  • Reconstitute the product, observe that the substance is homogeneous and that there are no suspended particles.
  • Set a new needle in the pen and adjust it with the indicated dose.
  • Rubbing the area selected to administer the medicine with cotton. The belly is a good option.
  • Administer the injection subcutaneously.
  • Throw away the needle used.

Do not administer Gonal if


The medicine must not be administered if the patient has any allergy or hypersensitivity to follitropin alfa, FSH or any of the components of the medicine.

Neither is it indicated in the case of:

  • Tumours of the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.
  • Increase in size of the ovarian cysts not caused by the polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • Vaginal bleedings of unknown cause.
  • Ovarian, uterine or breast carcinoma.

Side effects

Many patients don’t show any side effects after administrating the medicine. Others may have some mild symptom, such as headache or presence of ovarian cysts.

Nevertheless, the most common symptoms are those related to the application of the injection, such a hematoma, irritation of the skin, swelling of the area…

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