Any couple wanting to undergo an in vitro fertilisation treatment should meet a series of requirements in order to maximize the chances for pregnancy. In vitro fertilisation is an assisted reproductive technique requiring a great part of intervention by a team of fertility practitioners.


For this reason, IVF requirements are not as demanding as those of artificial insemination (AI). The requirements that both men and women must meet in order to undergo an IVF treatment are as follows:

  • Males: sperm must be present in the ejaculate; in addition, the results of the capacitation test have to exhibit at least 3 million sperm per millilitre.
  • Females: the uterus must be able to withstand pregnancy; moreover, they must have an established minimal ovarian reserve.

These requirements are necessary to perform a conventional in vitro fertilisation with the couple’s gametes. For most severe cases, couples can resort to an ICSI treatment and, if it is still not possible, egg or sperm donation may be an option.

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